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JULY 28 - AUGUST, 2015

Senator Ortt Questions Cuomo Wage Hike

By Sen. Rob Ortt

JULY 28, 2015

Regarding the minimum wage increase for employees of fast-food restaurants: 

The Governor’s minimum wage hike is blatant government overreach that shows a clear disregard for the private sector and democratic separation of powers. The state is in the midst of a gradual minimum wage increase from $8.75 to $9.00 an hour, but now unelected officials in Albany are mandating a further phase-in of up to $15 for a specific industry. This will have negative ripple effects across all sectors – from hard-working non-profit workers, to mom-and-pop shops, to our family farms. Anyone with an understanding of the economy realizes that while the Governor’s plan is masked as an effort to force large companies to increase their wages, it will actually help major corporations by luring employees from small businesses that operate on the margins. Our focus should be on creating a strong economy that allows transition from low-wage, first-time jobs to solid careers that pay well beyond the minimum wage. It’s disappointing to see the Governor follow the failed leadership qualities of our President, who bypasses legislative compromise and acts unilaterally to push partisan political issues.


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