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JULY 28 - AUGUST 04, 2015

Only In NT: Vote for Real Public Servants this Year!

By Sweeney Payne

JULY 28, 2015

It’s time residents of NT! Time to register to vote in the fall if you’ve given up in the past.

Time for some of you with strong stomachs and solid commitment to the residents to start planning your campaign to clean up City Hall.

Come November, every person in an elected or appointed position, except for the City Attorney, will be up for re-election or elimination.

City Attorney Nickerson, like all of the other current individuals filling elected (or appointed to fill elected positions) are either Republicans or caucus with the Republicans in order to stay in office.

We are watching to see if those presently in control will show any acknowledgment that we are no longer content to have it their way.

They claim to not read this column because it is “negative.”

What is negative is how they and their party have controlled NT for too long. Interestingly, Council President Russ Rizzo has attempted to intimidate a number of citizens he suspects of writing this column!  Obviously, he never heard of freedom of speech and press!

Has “Mayor” Pappas resigned from all of the City boards and School district involvements so he can focus on being our mayor?

Has Cathy Schwandt paid her property taxes yet? If she gets her bar & eatery going, how will she have time to represent us?

Has Pecoraro taken a leave of absence at least from all of the organizations he claims to be part of so he can focus on being an alderman at large? Where does he get time to do anything for all the places he claims to belong to or participate in? When does he have time to represent the citizens of NT?  How in the world does he prioritize his time?

Have Braun and Zadzilka done anything to really know the entire city? And just who is this Quinn guy?

Wouldn’t it be fun if all of us who have given up on voting because of the system would register to vote and then write our own names in on Election Day, with no one voting for anyone running on a party line?  That wouldn’t do much beyond making a statement though, so we need some of you to come forward quickly, state your intentions to run, and then we all need to help raise support for you.

Perhaps a new party, NT First, Free NT, Bring Back NT, Take Back NT, or something relevant to the actual citizenry, could be established. Efforts to free NT of the political stranglehold we’ve had to endure for too long need to begin immediately.

From now on, when they run for office, they need to publish their resumes for all of us to see. Give us financial information, including all pensions and retirement benefits and medical and other health insurance from previous stints. We want to see how military retirement packages compare with our Social Security and Medicare and how many benefits career politicians have accrued that we who have worked very hard all of our lives were never given.

We’re sick of school district employees, school board members, and retired military people who haven’t lived here publicly and long enough to know us, running NT. We’re sick of being force fed ideas and plans for areas of NT they don’t live in. We’re tired of nonresident developers and carpetbaggers making profits on buildings they make us pay for renovations to with tax credits and other taxpayer funding that WE never seem to be able to obtain.

We don’t want any more polished politicians, no more phonies. Vote for genuine public servants who aren’t in it for the financial benefits and perks.

It really shouldn’t be a Republican or Democratic thing.

The problem? Overuse and abuse of power by those in office and their exclusion of consideration of the opinions of those who they are supposed to serve, let alone taking them seriously and acting on them.

A municipality isn’t supposed to be a fiefdom. City government is supposed to provide administration of the local affairs of the city for its inhabitants, its citizens. It is not meant to provide taxpayer funded income for a special few with special interests.

NT citizens matter. When you are in office, it’s a public service job, not an endless photo op.

Don’t vote for polished politicians—vote for real public servants! Vote for those who you believe will be working for YOU, not the puppets attached to a political machine!  Vote for public servants this year.  


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