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JULY 28 - AUGUST 04, 2015

Dyster’s Record as Crime Fighter Dismal, to Put it Very Charitably

By Mike Hudson

JULY 28, 2015

Mayor Dyster is anti-bullying!
With the consent order, Dyster literally put a boot on crime fighting,
No fooling: Niagara Falls has soared to top most dangerous!!!

A serial killer stalks the streets of Niagara Falls. Police are baffled. The dismembered bodies of two women, Terri Lynn Bills, 46, and Loretta Gates, 30, at various locations around the city and in the Niagara River. Three years separated the two killings, with Bills’ mangled body being found in one of the many abandoned and vacant houses that line Willow Avenue in the city’s North End just last month.

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster seemed oblivious. Under his watch, the city has become a place where the police are the bad guys, in need of outside supervision. Crime has skyrocketed to the point where Niagara Falls has found itself ranked as the most dangerous place in all of New York State, and in the top 50 nationwide.

Rather than taking charge of the situation and making sure that no resource is spared in bringing the monstrous killer to justice as former New York City Mayor Abe Beame did during the Son of Sam rampage in 1977, Dyster tended to his knitting, ran the rainbow hued flag of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride flag up the pole at City Hall and sought funding to erect a statue of Harriet Tubman, who never set foot in Niagara Falls.

As of July 25, there were 164 registered sex offenders living in the city. That means there is one dangerous sexual predator for every 303 people. Countywide, the number is one pervert for every 711 residents, and the statewide average is one offender for every 1,111 people. Per capita, Niagara Falls has more registered sex offenders than any other municipality in the state.

Asked about the dangerous disparity some years ago, Dyster was flippant.

“They’ve got to live someplace,” he said.

The mayor got more proactive when it came to the city police department, which he determined was racist based on some 40 unverified complaints made by individuals who’d had some interaction with officers.

He entered the city into a consent decree with then Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who later went on to become governor. Dyster and Cuomo have been thick as thieves ever since, and the city was saddled with the expensive services of a company called Warshaw and Associates, which investigates complaints against the police. To date, not a single shred of evidence has been found for any criminal wrongdoing on the part of Niagara Falls officers by the firm, although their monthly bills keen coming in like clockwork.

The demoralizing effect this has had on the city’s police officers – a complaint by any lowlife scumbag can become a potential career ender – has been predictable.

In October of last year, the popular website ranked Niagara Falls as the most dangerous city in the state, and in March of this year, the website Neighborhood Scout ranked the city as the 44th most dangerous city in the entire United States.

When it comes to law enforcement, Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster makes for an excellent Gay Pride advocate.

His efforts at crime fighting have proven to be incompetent.


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