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JULY 28 - AUGUST 04, 2015

Letters to the Editor

JULY 28, 2015

You will throw out what we say you will -- Dyster Trash Enforcement....

Depends on Who You Are Not What You Need?

I called The City’s Trash Department Enforcement Officer Brook D’Angelo asking for a larger garbage container.

She said that my family of 4 with 2 grown boys does not qualify.  But my neighbor a former elected official got a new large garbage tote this week.

He also has a family of 4, but his 2 daughters are under 5.  Not only is this former elected official a big supporter of Dyster, but perhaps he is related to certain people who work at the city. I really don't know. But I do know that his family of 4 with 2 young daughters got a new large garbage tote, and my family of 4 with 2 grown sons, got nothing. Thanks.

An Unhappy Citizen



Good Job Killer

Caught Hudson's article on serial killers, good article!

Mike Morford at




Honor Dr. Jayne Please

The rock that used to have a memorial plaque honoring Luther Jayne who donated the parkland to the city over seventy years ago. The plaque is lost....

The "Niagara Falls Reporter Weekly Magazine", in my mind, is a "communicator".

Some Niagara folks are upset by its harsh pointing to irragularities to our Municipal political guidance out of City Hall.

Regardless, when it comes to ME and MY tax dollars spent, I can't help but thank the reporters like Anna Howard, Jim Hufnagel, and Gus the Goose, to keep us "informed" about News and the coming up, or, resulting of spending Dollars.

Such - topic since 2001 - JAYNE PARK RESTORATION.

(I do have a copy of the "City 2001 Proposal" including the itemized "Cost Estimate"!!)

Anna, YES, for 300K we got "the basics only", thus accounting for and beyond the rise of inflation, AND the fees for its "Senior City Planner" and his consultants....


Only, WHERE IS THE PLAQUE in remembrance to DR. LUTHER JAYNE, who donated the land to the City in the 1930th, and who's plaque got ripped off along with JOHN MANG's, two distinct people of this City who gave a lot of their money and energy to the Citizens of Niagara Falls, and all prior to this present "Jayne Park"-Hoopla!!

A few years ago I addressed the then "in-charge Mayor Anello" about it, who he said: just call the Parks Department and they'll set you up...

Ahem... nadda! nix!

But, I do see a sign at the north entrance only of the new path into the Park allowing ONLY AUTHORIZED VEHICLES, and of course the cheezey sign indicating the money spent for the Park "enhancement" by the State and the City....!. Meanwhile, I also see a few cars ignoring this vehicle-sign...

Other than all THAT - The City has worse issues to follow, so , let’s hope our designated grass-mower-man stays healthy, energetic and comes back to mow our City Property in a timely manner!

(Just-honor Dr.Luther Jayne with a new plaque, PLEASE!)


Niagara Falls




Death Panels Are Nonsense


I would like to comment on your recent article about death panels.  The article stated "families have these discussions-children with their parents."  You would think so, but that often is not the case.

I have been a nurse for 30 years.  When a patient comes into the hospital, part of the admission process is asking if he/she has a health care proxy or a do not resuscitate order (DNR).  The health care proxy is a person who is designated in writing to make any and all health care decisions for the patient if the patient becomes unable to make their own health care decisions.

Most often, the patient will state that his/her spouse/partner or children will take care of that.  What the person does not understand and what must be explained is that the doctor and other health care workers are obligated to do everything necessary to preserve the life of that patient unless there is something specified in writing that states otherwise.  An Advanced Directive will clearly show an individual's wishes.  My own shows that I will refuse treatment if I am comatose or unconscious and there is not a reasonable possibility that I will recover consciousness before death, and also that I request the maximum pain relief, whatever the outcome.

Many doctors have discussions with their patients in regard to them having a health care proxy and a DNR prior to surgery or at an annual visit.  This is done so that the person's wishes are made clear and to avoid a traumatic moment during hospitalization if the patient's condition suddenly takes a turn for the worst.  It is definitely not done to "wipe them off the Medicare roles" as the article stated.

I must admit I do not understand why Medicare would propose to pay doctors to have end of life discussions with their patients.  This is something that could be done at an office visit and with any patient-not just those on Medicare.  It's a discussion that needs to be done, regardless of a person's age or the insurance that one carries.  Labeling these discussions as Death Panels is absolutely ridiculous.

A Niagara Nurse



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