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SEP 23- SEP 30, 2014

Peter Mio, Popular Former Publisher of Niagara Gazette, Tonawanda News, Joins Reporter

By Tony Farina

September 23, 2014

Former Gazette publisher Peter Mio joins the Niagara Falls Reporter as its new publisher. Frank Parlato will continue as Chairman of the Board and Editor in Chief.

Frank Parlato, the owner of the Niagara Falls Reporter, has decided the time has come to take his weekly newspaper to the next level and with that in mind he is hiring Peter Mio, the former publisher of the Niagara Gazette and Tonawanda News, to oversee the effort to expand the Reporter’s reach and even have the newspaper personally delivered to targeted neighborhoods at various times to make it more available.

“I think with Peter’s background as a publisher and with his experience in this community, he will be a great addition to the Niagara Falls Reporter and help us grow our coverage and distribution and give more readers an opportunity to read our newspaper,” said Parlato.

“I want readers to have all the news they can get, from the Reporter and other newspapers, so that they can make informed decisions about important issues they face in their communities,” said Parlato, “issues like how their tax dollars are being spent. That has always been my goal, and I think having an experienced newspaper and publishing executive like Peter Mio on board, we can better inform our current followers and attract new readers to our newspaper.

“We have been out front on numerous stories, like the Maid of the Mist no-bid contract, the theft of gasoline from Lewiston taxpayers by their own supervisor, and the controversial and publicly subsidized Hamister Hotel project in Niagara Falls that has yet to see a shovel in the ground,” said Parlato. “I hope to continue and expand our coverage throughout the area, and I think Peter Mio can help. That’s why I’ve named him as the new publisher of the Niagara Falls Reporter, beginning this week.”

For his part, Mio says he’s ready to go to work at making the Reporter a must-read newspaper with expanded coverage and more community news.

“I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to return to Niagara County with the Niagara Falls Reporter and to continue promoting the region with several new projects,” said Mio. “The community will see several positive changes over the next few months that will give the community a free alternative for news and information.”

Mio said he is anxious to get started and he will begin by contacting personally “the many wonderful business owners and organizations that so graciously welcomed me to the community several years ago.”

The veteran publisher said he has been impressed for some time with the aggressive and hard-hitting style of the Reporter that operates without corporate constraints that sometimes can inhibit coverage and deny readers the inside story on a lot of what goes on.

“I think the Gazette and the Buffalo News and the other local newspapers do a great job of trying to keep readers informed,” Mio says, “but there’s no question that a part of me enjoys the no-holds barred approach of the Reporter, and there’s definitely an important role for that kind of in-depth coverage in any community where nothing is off limits. But I also hope to bring expanded local coverage of the smaller, daily life events to give our readers a little bigger picture even given we are a weekly. It should be fun.”

It is Parlato’s belief that the more news, the better for the public.

“People need a variety of news sources to stay informed, and we at the Reporter are trying to do our part to give them news they might not got anywhere else,” said Parlato. “My goal as the owner of this newspaper is to be a watchdog for the public’s interest, but to be honest in our reporting. We always offer our subjects an opportunity to respond to our questions, and not all of them do. But if they have something to say, we’ll publish it. I think Peter’s addition will help us take the next step for our current readers and beyond. I’m very excited that he’s joining us and am looking forward to working with him.”

Welcome, Pete. Great to have you with us at the Niagara Falls Reporter.






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