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SEP 23- SEP 30, 2014

Dyster, Higgins Expected To Headline Destino Event

September 23, 2014

Who would have thought it a year ago? Ultra liberals, Brian Higgins (L) and Paul Dyster (r) will appear on behalf of conservative
Democrat Johnny Destino

Mayor Paul Dyster of Niagara Falls and Rep. Brian Higgins (D - 26th District) are expected to be the major headliners at an endorsement press conference for State Senate candidate Johnny Destino on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 6 p. m. at the American Legion Post, 752 E. Market St. (City Market) in Niagara Falls.

Destino, a Niagara Falls attorney, is the Democratic candidate for the 62nd District seat currently held by Republican George Maziarz of Newfane who decided not to seek re-election in the face of a federal investigation into his use of campaign funds.

The 62nd District includes all of Niagara and Orleans Counties and the western part of Monroe County.

"I am delighted that Mayor Dyster, Rep. Higgins, and many other prominent elected officials are expected to take the time on Thursday to come to the Legion Post and endorse my candidacy for this important office," said Destino.

"I have been reaching out to voters across the entire district to let them know that I stand for change, for a new brand of inclusion where everybody has a voice," said Destino.

"As an example, last week I spoke to members of the Niagara County chapter of the Shooters Committee on Education (SCOPE) to let them know I stand with them in the defense of our constitutional rights," said Destino.

Destino also told the SCOPE members on hand that he intends to put an end to the politics of corruption carried out by career politicians with an agenda of rewarding the fat cats at the expense of the everyday folks.

Destino believes the nearly 20 years of iron-fisted rule by one party, the GOP, has done great damage to many communities across the sprawling district. "They have valued loyalty over competency and now we are suffering the results of that agenda in places like Lockport where the brother-in-law of the current state senator has been blamed by a state audit for the catastrophic financial mess in that city. Residents are going to be paying the price for that incompetence for years to come."

The Destino campaign theme is the "politics of inclusion," and he intends to work for all of the people in the district, not just the well-heeled investors who have fed off the top from their friends in office, many times receiving lucrative public contracts in return for their financial support. There is not much trickle down in the 62nd District where taxes are high, jobs are scarce, and power costs are among the highest anywhere despite the presence of the mighty Niagara.

Friends and supporters are urged to attend Thursday's event at the Legion Post in the City Market and help send the message that the time has come to shut down the GOP brand of politics in the 62nd and get behind a candidate who wants to let people know he will listen to them. The time for change has arrived.





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