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SEP 23- SEP 30, 2014

Former FBI Agent, Assigned to Environmental Crimes, Calls Global Warming a Scam.

By Gary DiLaura

September 23, 2014

As a former FBI agent, with considerable experience in environmental crimes, I want my readers to understand that, while I am not an expert on CO2 emissions, nor am I a scientist, nor an Islam expert, I am an expert investigator with a good science background, a lot of years of experience and with a very good record.

I know and understand what makes indisputable forensic evidence, overwhelming circumstantial evidence and know my limitations. What I am reporting to you is who the experts are, what they say and who the con artists are and what they say.

Check it out on your own and use common sense.

Let's look at the claims: The polar caps are melting and we will all be flooded if we don't stop using gas and coal? Really!

The facts are, on global warming, real scientists say they believe "there is none". At the July 7 2014 Heartland International Conference in Los Vegas, Dr. Roy Spencer stated that what we know about global warming after 20 or so years of serious study is "almost nothing". Dozens of other scientists also shared the same views and can be seen on the meetings website.

While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC) theoretical models say yes, there is global warming, the scientific answer is that there is no evidence that supports this model.

This makes sense when you look at some real "hard," but easy-to-understand facts:

** It is true that from the beginning of time until now the Earth has been cooling. The fact that there is still molten lava around the Earths' core should establish the fact that the Earth is still cooling. Now the question is "what about the past several decades of alleged global warming?

What would an increase or decrease in temperature mean over a few decades? And has there been any changes? Let's look to the real experts. In 1998, 31,000 of the best environmental scientists in the world signed Dr Art Robinson's petition (see Niagara Reporter Sept 16 2014) that they believe there hasn't been global warming over any recent decades! In fact, the earth cooled .7 degrees Celsius in the past three years! They also don't believe that any human actions could have any significant effect on global warming, nor could human actions impact climate change in general.

Almost one million square miles of Arctic Ice Cap reappeared August 2013 after the 2012 all time low . That's one million square miles in one year and we had nothing to do with it!

Note please that 9,000 of the over 31,000 scientist are PHD Environmental Scientists who devoted their lives to science. They say there is no evidence that CO2 releases by human sources causes any impact on the climate.

This is important because our President is trying to close, through the EPA, all the coal-fired plants in the country because he either believes the 31,000 scientists and Congress and the Senate are all wrong or he has an ulterior motive!

When the House and Senate were both Democrat controlled, they refused to pass Obama's Cap and Trade Bill. Cap and Trade is basically a "permit to pollute". What it is, is a money raising scam. Let's say you burn firewood in your house and the EPA says you can't because of CO2 emissions. However, if you pay $500 for a Cap and Trade permit, they'll allow you to burn two cords of wood. That's Cap and Trade and both the Democrats and Republicans (our elected officials ) said 'No.". Our President has a phone and a pen; he said he doesn't need Congress and directed the EPA to "sick 'em"! So EPA is legislating (making laws ) by regulating, a violation of the Constitution! And that's what Obama's doing because he doesn't feel he has to follow the Constitution.

The U S Supreme Court told him he's overstepping his authority but that doesn't seem to bother him because he knows what's best for you. He told the EPA to put the coal plants out of business by charging them for CO2 emissions, to save the earth' as if he really cares!.

The truth is he wants to collapse the economy and is getting closer and closer!

The President claims CO2 is his reason for closing all the clean coal fired power plants. However, if you let Barack Obama close all the coal-fired power plants, as he is doing, with no viable alternatives you sure will see the difference. Our economy will collapse. It's on the edge right now and that would be the final straw.

President Obamas' plan for "Change" is right on track. Meanwhile, take a look at two of Obama's favorite professors at Columbia: Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven. That's the change you are going to get with an added twist: Islam!

Read my article next week and you'll see why.





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