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MAR 10 - MAR 17, 2015

Letters to the Editor

March 10, 2015

Water Bills Atrocious

Please investigate the exorbitant billing of the Niagara Falls Water Board. I was behind a woman paying her quarterly bill for her house and it was for $1600. In my conversations with people in Niagara Falls it is common to hear of bills $600 + /quarter.

Something funny is going on.

Can you do a FOIA request for bills pre and post new meters?

I heard the LaSalle Yacht Club owes $48,000 - Is that true? Who is interested in that property? Something is fishy. Could you look into this?

Maybe people could mail you outrageous bills for the story, which can be compared to neighboring areas. Thank you so much.

A resident of the Falls


Please Look Into Isaiah 61

Can you please investigate the almost million dollars and particularly the 500K given to Isaiah 61 and whether the money has been transferred yet?

I have heard rumors money was transferred and then the city found out the "company" was only in Jim Haid's name and it may or may not have been under another 501 C3.

Can you also see if there is a connection between them and the gospel mission. They meet at the same location (a church at 22nd and Linwood). They also seem to not want to follow state guidelines.

I question the Department of Education as Isaiah workers and the quality of the work is substandard.

Please see the house on Linwood avenue. Seth Piccirillo states it is their first house and we have to give them time. Yet we give them almost a million and there is no accountability.

Are we going to give the Gospel Mission $2 million for a homeless shelter that will import people to Niagara Falls?

There also needs to be a question as to why the current administration is supporting out of town interests rather than our own people. They are selling us out.

It is instances such as this that must be addressed by all the candidates in this upcoming election.

A Very Concerned Resident


Skrlin Insanely Good

I've been living in your town now for about five years, and it didn't take me long to realize the corrupt politics of Niagara falls. Needless to say when i found your publication of "the Reporter" i was impressed, it was blunt and to the point! In all honesty though, for a while i was starting to get bored of your publication and then these insanely interesting cartoons appeared. They are very direct and to the point with no hold barred. Where did you find this artist and i would like to know more about him and his background. Just want to say it is very commendable that he could convey such a message and that you've got the guts to print it. Nice Job! keep up the good work because someone needs to say it.

Yours Truly,

Thomas E. Hill


Flooding Problem in Lockport

Dear Sir, We need your help to get our message out.

We live in Lockport, NY and we have a creek behind our back garage and pool. We have a big problem with flooding. We have gone to the town and no one in the town wants to listen to us or help us. This effects more than 1000 people in the city and 2000 people in the town.

In Sept.5th 2005 a girl was rescued by a neighbor next to the creek and brought to his house where he called her parents and the school.

I have photos of this flooding situation I would like to share with you. We have also contacted several other political representatives, who have not been able to help us.

Could you please contact me as soon as possible to discuss this with a reporter.

I read your magazine and know you have helped other people and shared their story with your readers. PLEASE HELP US TOO!!

A Lockport Man with a Problem


Grab a shovel Brooke D'Angelo

Why don't you grab a shovel and make a path like you told a taxpayer if he wanted his totes emptied, when they are picked up in the alley and you have to dig through snow that is almost four feet high, and at least seven feet to the alley, and then try and carry them over the extra snow. The plows throw onto our property, when they decide to come down. That doesn't make it any easier.

You sounded like some grade school kid with your remark.

Some of us senior citizens are not able to shovel and our children were chased out of the city because the mayor keeps raising taxes and are not here to help us.

I am not disabled and don't qualify for your porter service.

It looks, by some of the pictures I've seen of you, that you could use some exercise and maybe you can help us older citizens with shoveling a path so we can get our totes emptied.

Must be nice getting a sweet job from a lying mayor who said, "I will not hire family or friends."

Who knows what our tax dollars are paying you to do since you were the only person appointed to the job with no experience.

He wasted a lot of money on these totes and I'm sure your salary and benefits are included too.

Senior Citizen





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