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MAR 10 - MAR 17, 2015

Casino Cash - Gone with the Wind

By Anna Howard

March 10, 2015

As far as we can see Niagara Falls might have done better, if we took all the casino cash we have gotten so far, and played this Gone With the Wind slot machine.

Buried in a neat informative article in the Buffalo News, "Ice pavilion funding in Falls is back on agenda," -- I found an intriguing paragraph.

The story is about a debate over whether to borrow $3.1 million for repairs at the Ice Pavilion, or use casino cash to fix the rinks.

But that was not the point - for me at least.

Here's the paragraph that interested me:

"… Dyster said his administration has a spending plan that accounts for the use of nearly all of the expected $18 million in casino revenue this year, leaving no room to pay for the roughly $3.1 million all at once to cover the latest round of work at the pavilion."

Dyster already spent $18 million of casino cash?

On what?

Sure it's easily cynical to say - on his reelection campaign- dropping money wherever a vote could be had - but $18 million?

He spent $5.6 million to pay past debt, and $12,000 to give Senior Planner Tom DeSantis a raise. And $1.5 million went to the state agency USA Niagara to stage events and parties on Old Falls St. Then $1.6 million set aside for the animal shelter. $350,000 went to the Underground Railroad Exhibit. And more than a million to the NTCC for doing no one knows what.

Stipends and overtime, tree removal, train station, Isaiah 61, ZOOM team, SWEET team, consultants on parks and parking, golf cart paths, and animal control.

I'm sure there is more like these - and $18 million - gone with the wind.





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