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MAR 10 - MAR 17, 2015

Sound Off on Steroids? No Sweeney, it's Not All The Republicans Fault

By Remington Nash

March 10, 2015

Evidently some folks in the Sweeney Payne crowd are taking me as seriously as they do themselves. That would be a mistake, as I do not claim to be an expert of any sort. My attempt to inject a little colorful levity into the discussion careened it off topic.

My point in comparing my pseudonym's historical value, albeit patently false, was neither to garner a history lesson nor to besmirch the names of those gone by. It was intended to be more of a laughable, counter to SP's claim of representing - "the kind of public servants and investors that made a City of North Tonawanda possible" – i.e. Their namesake forefathers.

Sweeney Payne's arguments are hardly as fair as he or she professes that they are. Instead of telling us the 5 W's of exactly how they were ignored, insulted, had their rights infringed upon, etc. etc., he or she tangentially flies off to a place where he makes little sense. If it is with that fashion that she attempts her fact finding, there is no wondering why she cannot seem to understand things. He seems to want to believe that everything this Council does has a wicked intent. Then without a simple, clarifying call to City Hall, they're off into left (Ramsay) field somewhere spewing nonsense. The writer may be some sort of legal eagle for all I know, but the column does not reflect so. In fact, a portion of SPs recent column flutters like a moth to a lawsuit flame in my layman's opinion.

The "Only in North Tonawanda" column would be more accurately titled "Sound Off on Steroids". Each submission contains much more useless fluff along with the same old amount of unproven accusations. It seems that whenever they're backed into a corner without an answer, they trot out the Niagara County equivalent of the Al Sharpton race card. Oh no! It must be the boogie man "King George" Maziarz's doing. I'll bet that Maziarz wishes that he had the power those folks assign to him. There is a political dichotomy in town as SP mentioned. The current half of it simply performs better than your half. And the voters have apparently noticed.

Sweeney Payne & former Mayor Soos must be hallucinating to naively feel that a unanimously Republican Council would entertain appointing him as a backfilled Alderperson. Wouldn't it be more of an insult to him to waste his time for an interview? Come on! Be serious! How about handing the current U.S. House of Rep. Speaker position to Nancy Pelosi while we're at it? Sure why not!

The column again refers to the Jan 27th "list" of questions that SP says that they demand answers to. Again, SP has thrown the proverbial colander of impalpable pasta at the wall to see what sticks. They ask no particular person any particular question. Like I've suggested all along – FOCUS! You are way too loose with factual information. In my view, SP's "gotcha" mentality driven Ramsay Field "scoop" reduced its column to the Walter Mitty fantasizer status it richly deserves.





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