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APR 28 - MAY 05, 2015

Polling Well, Dreaming and Voices

By James 'Jim' Szwedo

April 28, 2015

James Szwedo, candidate for mayor of Niagara Falls

Why, with this political season starting early this year, are we not hearing the voice of the candidates?

Let me explain: Touma, Grandinetti, and Brooke D'Angelo are making the circuit, extolling the virtues of the Dyster Administration. Unless I’m wrong, none of them are running for office. The only thing missing from this trio is Mayor Paul’s voice.

By the way, the same thing happened during the “Disaster at the Brink Budget Crisis”. Layoffs, cuts in service, predictions of a disastrous budget shortfall. No Paul!

How come, when Glenn Choolokian has something to say, I hear Glenn’s voice? By the way, he was present during the entire budget crisis, and the only thing Mayor Paul hung on his wall during his absence was the taxpayers.

When I have something to say, I say it. Politicians have others speak for them for two reasons: one, plausible deniability, and two, it doesn’t poll well. All true politicians will tell you to stay away from an issue because it doesn’t poll well.

Pardon my language, but that’s political BS. The citizens have a right to know exactly where their candidate stands on the issues, especially on the ones that don’t poll well, because those are the ones that the citizens are the most passionate about. As a citizen running for political office, I promise you that you will always know where I stand, and that the voice you hear will only be mine, voicing the concerns of the citizens who chose to elect me.


One person wants to change things, and people will say that you’re dreaming. “That’s not the way things are done! No one’s listening!”

That person turns that dream into a thought, by convincing ten people that he’s right. Those ten people turn that thought into a belief by convincing ten more people each that they are right. Those 100 people convince ten more people each, turning that belief into an impossible task. Those 1,000 people convince ten more people each, turning that impossible task into a surmountable goal. Finally, those 10,000 citizens convince just a few more people each, turning that surmountable goal into just another day at the office.

Politicians thrive by making the citizens just fight to survive. This country was built on the backs of its citizens, who dreamed of a better life for their families. While our politicians strive to control the citizens by taking away their right to dream, dreams have a funny way of coming true.





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