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APR 28 - MAY 05, 2015

Letters to the Editor

April 28, 2015

Stenzil in rough shape in NT

We are in great need of repair on Stenzil Street between Payne and Oliver.

There are three square areas that were dug out for sewers, and have just dirt and stones in them.

I have so many potholes in front of my house at 268 that it is dangerous.

I leave on my bike four times a week and can hardly get out of my driveway. I cannot get around them.

We leave our house many times during each day and the street needs to be fixed.

Thank you,

Diane Sardes


Wrong Priorities at Hyde Park

Baseball serves more than canoe launch

As I read the article by Anna Howard: All Aboard for the Increased Magical Government Tour, I couldn't help but shake my head in disbelief.

So much money has been squandered on ridiculous failed projects by our mayor.

The reason this article hits home for me is because, I'm a member of Hyde Park Babe Ruth board of directors. Late last year we and other youth baseball organizations from our city, went before the Niagara Falls city council. We went before them with hopes of a better tomorrow. We purposed a plan for a state of the art baseball facility. The money our city receives each year in casino funds would more than pay for the cost of such a wonderful plan to become a reality. Instead I read about how the city parks are getting the river banks redone, Hyde Park is getting a canoe launch. Honestly a canoe launch, for what reason may I ask? How many people in our city can operate or even own a canoe. Sounds like another way for the city to take what little bit of money our residents do have and run with it. Like so many of the ideas that have come and gone in this city. Leaving the tax payers holding the bill. The idea of this new baseball complex would not only be centralized in Hyde Park, (which may I add has been home to youth baseball for decades)but it will give the children that play there a sense of pride. A sense of self gratitude. This new complex would be able to host tournaments like the other baseball leagues in and around our area. Why would Niagara Falls want tournaments? Revenue! Bottom line other teams come from out of town, stay at hotels, eat at restaurants, shop at stores. All of which are in Niagara Falls NY.

I don't really see a loss in this project. Youth baseball has been in our community for decade's. I'm sure a number of people reading this if published were once brother, sister or parent to a youth baseball player in our community.

I guess what I'm saying is if all these failed projects can be given a chance, why can't something that people of all ages can enjoy not be given the same opportunity?

Erik Sootheran

Hyde Park Babe Ruth


Bad Weather Good for Burdocks, an Italian reminds us

Burdock (in Italian (cardunes, cardoons, cardone, cardo, carduni, cardoni, cardi) is a weed that grows in moist waste places, ditches and roadsides that Italians love to fry and eat the stalks and are part of traditional Christmas Eve festivities in Italy, Spain, Sardinia, Sicily, and France.
In ancient times, it was used in rituals, amulets and spells to ward off negativity, for general protection and as a decoction as a blood purifier, scurvy, boils and rheumatic afflictions. In China, Burdock is used to treat impotence and infertility.


An Italian American complains : " This April rain and

snow is a real drag , isn't it ? I'm fed up with it ! ! ".

His gumbari's replies : " Quit your bitching , man ! It's

good for the cardunes ( wild burdocks ), don't you know ? I can hardly

wait 'til a month from now. "

Joseph 'San Giuseppe' Carnevale


From a Dyster Supporter on Glenn Choolokian

So if the water board goes back to the city, does this mean this a%# clown has to give up his job there? And if he becomes mayor, does the Reporter stop kneeling in front of him and blo$#@g him and start trashing him like you do with every mayor this sh#t paper endorses?

Maybe Parlato should take his own websites advise (sic) and become a man instead of a bleeding va*$@a.

Greg Peterson


A letter from a non-Dyster supporter

Re: City Democratic Committee endorsements: Chairman Stewart sounds like a complete a#@, from his comments. Maybe you can talk to Bob Anderson for a story and his slighting by the committee. Looks like Mayor Paul Dyster's unfailing gratitude for Anderson's Hamister vote just failed. You play ball with Dyster and you get the bat up the a#@.

This new chairman sounds like a solid goof. Press release is childish and confrontational. Dyster in solid control of it all.

Thomas Arterburry


Goose Interview

Fantastic story! Really enjoyed it!

W. Farnsworth


Wife: Council Candidate Husband wasn't mentioned!

Why did the Gazette choose to omit the name of a candidate for City Council and how does the Democratic committee endorse a person who had not announced he was running until after the endorsement? My husband, Rick Smith, is also running for city council as a Democrat, but was omitted from the article (Friday April 24) and for (City Chairman Gordon) Stewart to say there are "several candidates who claim to be Democrats" is offensive. Mr. Smith has voted in every election since he was 18 as a Democrat.

As for contacting the Democratic party, why doesn't the Democratic committee, in all fairness, contact ALL the people who are running to come in for interviews? Mr. Smith would have been unable to attend the endorsement meeting anyway, as he is Chairman of the City Planning Board that met on the same night.

Being a dedicated chairman of this board, this would have been his first priority as he takes his commitments very seriously.

Also, the article omitted Jim Szwedo, who is also a candidate for Mayor.

Anne M. Smith





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