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APR 28 - MAY 05, 2015

Stop Playing Games With the Security of the USA!

By J. Gary DiLaura

April 28, 2015

(The following is excerpted from DiLaura’s letter to Speaker Of The House of Representatives, the Honorable John Boehner. DiLaura’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this publication. Opposing viewpoints are welcome.)

President Obama…. has said many times that “We are not now nor will we ever be at war with Islam”, yet the war wages on as Americans and their allies are beheaded.

He’s made (many) statements like, “ISIS is not Islam”.

That was before and after they beheaded Americans, our allies and innocent infidels of all faiths.

There is no doubt we are at war with “some form” of Islam; some call it "traditional” Islam, some say “radical” Islam,” some say “hard core” Islam but the Koran calls it just “Islam”.

You see, according to Mohamed, the originator of Islam, and the book he wrote, the Koran, there are only Islamic Muslims and Infidels. According to the book of Islam, there is no in-between. According to the Koran, there are no good and bad, radical and non-radical, traditional and non-traditional Islamic Muslims, there are ONLY Islamic Muslims!

If there is a book of faith for the “non-radical” Muslims that we are NOT at war with, please tell me what it is as I would love to read what their beliefs are.

We’ve read the Koran and know what the Islamic Muslims’ beliefs are.

The point is we are IN FACT at war with Islam, an Islam that has been at war with the world since its inception and an Islam that killed 3,000 innocent Americans on 9-11-01, a date that will go down in infamy.

So put an end to the uncertainty of who our enemy is AND …. declar(e) war with Islam!

President Obama will either obey the law and fight Islam or refuse to fight “Islam”!

When he refuses to fight Islam, as we believe he will, then impeach… him and solve a whole bunch of problems all at the same time!

When the critics ask, “What about the ‘good’ Muslims”, tell them we promise we won’t bomb them, we’ll only kill the Muslims who are killing Americans and our allies!





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