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APR 28 - MAY 05, 2015

To the Tune of Blowin ' In The Wind A Work of Satirical Rhyme

By Guy the Gator!

April 28, 2015

This property is on the boundary of the Seneca Tribal Casino showing results of casino spin off in Niagara Falls and the mayor's wise use of casino cash.

(might I suggest and be so bold)

How many lies must a taxpayer hear
before he no longer abides

Yes n' how many years must a pot hole exist
before in a car he can ride

And how many recycle bins does it take
those morons can't seem to decide

The answer my friend is determined in the fall
November shall then reveal all

And how many years must we suffer this clown
who's business is not in the falls

How many beers must he brew out of town
until voters locate their balls

And how many years must his ship of fools sail
his lackeys along for the ride

The answer my friend is determined in the fall
the answer is yours to decide

How many times must an underground rail
that never existed be 'sold'

Yes n' how many times must the budget be late
and pipes freeze when ere it grows cold

And how many plans must a planner not plan
and still gain a stipend of gold

The answer my friend is coming in the fall
November the answer shall be told

How many years does it take to break ground
the 'game changer' that stirred the pot

And how many times must the drawings be changed
before the whole thing stinks like rot

And how many dollars to be tossed away
on a train and a station as well

The answer my friend is yours to decide
this damned city now gone to hell

How many times must a mad man proclaim
that he is the keeper of gates

Yes n' how many times shall this fool be allowed
to spend and determine our fates

Yes n' how many dollars are wasted away
on wages, consultants and whim

The answer my friend
is yours to decide

It's time that we be rid of him

How many times must our interest be sold
to prospectors from out of town

And how many years must we have to endure
the crap from the mouth of this clown

And if you should doubt that we're not better off
just take a good look all around

Remember my friends we've been taken for a ride
the time has now come to decide -





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