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Apr 01 - Apr 09, 2014

Former Lewiston Nursing Home Owner and Accused Embezzler, Marc Korn, Living In Alaska

April 1, 2014

Marc Korn went North to Alaska.


The 56-year-old former owner of Fairchild Manor in Lewiston, Marc Irwin Korn, is alive and well and working as a consultant in Alaska.

Readers may recall that Korn advertised on the back cover of the Niagara Falls Reporter for about three months in 2011.

Since we had extended him credit for the advertising, we hardly expected that, upon our gentle urging for payment, Korn would present us with bogus checks.

But writing bad checks is almost a disease with the soft spoken, weasel of a man with a badly-dyed, misshapen hair transplant.

A few months ago, C Care Services, a company that offers in-home non-medical care services, hired Korn, then a consultant for Global Resources in Northbrook, Ill., to come to Anchorage, Alaska, to help them out for a reported $250 per hour.

Several people, after filing complaints against Korn with various agencies in Alaska, contacted the Reporter. They allege that Korn devised a plan to help the company defraud Alaska Medicaid.

"The first thing he ordered me and the other Medicaid biller to do was to over-bill on all the claims," said one woman who claims she was fired after she refused.

Before he left for Alaska, and about the time he stiffed the Reporter, in late May, 2011, the U.S. Attorney General charged Korn with embezzlement, wire fraud and bank fraud.

Korn repeatedly issued bad checks - it seems - not only to the Reporter - but to his employees at Fairchild.

When his employees' paychecks bounced, Korn told them to redeposit the checks while knowing his account was overdrawn. Thus, the employees were charged double penalties by the bank for the checks bouncing twice.

Learning of its impending insolvency, the New York State Department of Health approved a plan for the Fairchild Manor Nursing Home to cease operations. All of the nearly 80 senior residents, at great personal pain to themselves and their families, had to be moved to other nursing homes.

The Fairchild property was later sold to Brooklyn-based Goldin Management to be used for a condominium project.

In the meantime, the government began an investigation and found that Korn embezzled from the patient trust accounts at Fairchild Manor and the Batavia Nursing Home, another nursing home he owned.

Korn also withheld approximately $700,000 in payroll taxes from employee salaries and spent the money for his personal use.

He also stole $167,000 from nursing home equipment leasing agreements, claiming it as "commissions." He then spent the money for salon visits, college tuition, clothing and antiques.

It was also discovered that, back in 2005, Korn was chairman of "The American Friends of Assaf Harofeh Medical Center," which raised money for the Israeli hospital of the same name. Some of the money did not make it to Israel.

Korn claimed that the $190,000 in checks he wrote to himself from the charity's bank account was "reimbursement for expenses incurred in behalf of the charity."

With some of the money, he bought a $710,000 home in Amherst.

In total, he embezzled about $1 million.

The federal charges of wire fraud, making false statements to law enforcement, embezzlement and bank fraud carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, a fine of $250,000, or both.

Meanwhile, as Korn awaits trial in New York, up in Alaska, the Human Rights commission in Alaska has been contacted regarding his alleged abusive behavior.

"He is truly a piece of work," said a former C Care employee.

As for the Reporter, the last we heard of Korn was June, 2011, when he invited us to redeposit his bad checks.

"I promise, this time the checks will be good," he said.

They weren't.





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