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Apr 01 - Apr 09, 2014

Killer (Porn) Queen Sentenced to 12 years for Stabbing Death of Boyfriend

By Frank Parlato

April 1, 2014

Jennifer Marchant in film.


On March 25, 2104, one year and 19 days after his death, the killer of Ralph D. Stone, porn star Jennifer R. Marchant, was sentenced in Niagara County Court to 12 years in prison for his fatal stabbing.

Marchant's mother, Kimberly Fenzel, told the Tonawanda News that the family would consider an appeal.

Marchant's father, Edwin Marchant, contends she acted in self-defense. "(She) did what she needed to do to protect herself," he said. "All the evidence showed that."

Before sentencing, Marchant addressed the court, saying, "I loved him too, a lot, but I did everything I could that night. I begged him to stop. I should have known better."

The story of that night stands as a lesson in how anger, jealousy, stupidity and drugs and alcohol can destroy people.

The families of both Marchant and Stone wept after the sentence was announced.

The victim, Ralph D. Stone Jr., worked in his family's business, Stone Landscape and Aquatic Design. He was the father of a little girl and, like his parents, a member of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Wheatfield.

Jennifer Marchant was a porn actress and model. Featured in the porn category of "BBW" or "big beautiful women," she appeared under the stage name of "Scarlett Rouge" in such films as "Dinner for One, Sex for Two," "Scarlett's Job Interview," "Super Sized Rides 2," "Hot Sexy Plumpers 27," and "Sex in the Titties." describes Marchant as "a cute big beauty who... can hypnotize any man with those bright eyes and make them her love toy."

Before she met Stone, Marchant allegedly punched a man in the head, kicked and pushed him after he tried to break up with her. On New Year's Eve, 2010, Marchant purportedly pulled a knife on another boyfriend, threatening to stab him if he attempted to block her exit.

Marchant was arrested twice during the past few years for DWI and was on probation when she stabbed Stone.

Stone also had a history with law enforcement. Between 2006 and 2011, he was arrested 11 times, most recently for assault with a baseball bat.

The two met at a party and began a relationship in May, 2012.

But the couple had troubles. Marchant said she was assaulted twice by Stone, although she didn't call police. Friends said Stone started using cocaine, something he had never done before he met Marchant.

The two moved in together in a second floor apartment at 580 Oliver St in North Tonawanda.

Neighbors said they were a nice couple who kept to themselves.

Until Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013.

Jennifer Marchant in court


Marchant went to work that day at her new job at a collection agency in Amherst.

After she left, Stone had some friends over and they started drinking.

Joshua Snyder, who lived next door, said when he arrived home at 2:30 p.m. he heard loud noises coming from the apartment.

"A party, I figured," Snyder remarked.

Jeff Alexander was with Stone that day. He said Stone was looking for cocaine. Alexander left at 6:45 p.m.

Soon after, Marchant came home with co-worker Stephanie Dee. They had skipped out of work early.

The two women challenged Stone and his friend Ray Graney to a drinking game called beer pong. When Stone and Graney lost the game, an angry Stone threw Graney out of the apartment.

Around 8 p. m., Marchant, Stone and Dee drove to a bar and drank more beer. When Stone mentioned the idea of going home, Marchant became reluctant.

Stone accused her of wanting to stay in the bar to look for other men.

Dee drove the couple back to Oliver Street and dropped them off.

Neighbor Betsy Snyder was outside smoking a cigarette when she saw Marchant and Stone get out of Dee's car "giggling and smiling." It was about 10:15 p.m.

Inside the apartment, Stone texted someone from his cell phone.

"Who are you texting, some girl?" Marchant asked angrily.

Marchant tried to grab the cell phone away from Stone.

Stone screamed, 'Get the f--k out of my house!"

Marchant then proceeded to grab the phone away from him and locked herself in the bathroom.

Stone broke the lock and went inside.

Marchant ran toward the front door. Stone blocked her path

Marchant retrieved a steak knife from the kitchen and ran to the bathroom.

Marchant said Stone chased her and "threw me around."

She screamed, "Don't do this to me!" brandishing the knife in her right hand.

Stone said, "What are you going to do, stab me? Stab me. Be the boss. Stab me."

"Then he pulled my head back one more time and I stabbed him," Marchant said. The knife entered five inches into his left shoulder, cutting into his pulmonary artery.

At some point either before or after the stabbing, a 911 call was placed to police at 10:30 p.m. from Stone's cell phone.

Niagara County Sheriff dispatcher Holly Babis answered.

Stone said "Hello?" then began talking to Marchant.

Babis blasted a loud tone over the line to get his attention, but the call was disconnected at the caller's end.

Babis called back.

Marchant answered and said, "Who is it?"

Babis asked if there was a problem.

There was silence. Babis triggered the tone again.

Stone took the phone and said, "Hello?" then hung up.

Babis called again.

Stone answered.

Babis asked "Everything OK?"

"Yes," replied Stone.

"Is there a female with you?" asked Babis.

"No," Stone said. Babis heard a woman in the background and asked to speak with her. Stone hung up.

Dispatcher Brenda Higgins took over, calling at 10:36.

Stone answered and was heard saying to Marchant, "I can't believe you're doing that."

Asked if there was any trouble, Stone said, "Oh, no, it's OK."

Higgins asked to talk to Marchant.

Stone hung up.

Higgins called back.

Stone again took the phone.

"I think everything's OK," he said, sounding dazed. "If you send cops here, there's gonna be a problem." Seconds later he added, "Don't do this to them."

Higgins dispatched police.

When Officer Timothy Sylvester arrived at 10:44, he heard a woman screaming as he was halfway up the stairs to the second-floor apartment.

Entering the open door to the apartment, he saw Marchant and Stone struggling in the bathroom. Marchant was screaming.

Stone had his back to Sylvester.

"I announced myself and said, 'Police,' " Sylvester said.

Stone turned and stumbled out of the bathroom into the kitchen, then stumbling toward the officer, he fell forward. Uncertain whether he was attempting to attack, the officer took Stone to the ground but soon realized he was wounded in his upper chest. Blood was spilling onto the kitchen floor. Sylvester pulled off his patrol jacket and pressed it against Stone's wound, trying to stop the flow of blood pouring out of him.

"There was so much blood coming out, you couldn't tell where his wound was," Sylvester said. "If you had a garden hose that was pressurized and you cut it in half, imagining the water was blood, that's how much blood was coming out."

Sylvester called for an ambulance. Officer Robert Frank arrived and removed Marchant from the bathroom, taking her to another room as Sylvester attempted to save Stone's life. Firefighters arrived.

As Stone was bleeding to death, in the next room Marchant told officers she thought Stone was going to kill her.

Stone died in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor.

Toxicology reports showed Stone's blood alcohol content was 0.285 percent at the time of his death. Marchant, whose blood alcohol content was measured at 0.06 percent two hours after the killing, was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder.







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