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Apr 01 - Apr 09, 2014

Council Hears Pitch for Sports Complexes

April 1, 2014

Niagara Falls-Following up a proposal by Councilman Glenn Choolokian, the presidents of several youth baseball leagues appeared before the council Monday to request that the proposed construction of three little league sports complexes to be paid for with casino funds be considered seriously by the council.

Mark Hutchinson of the Cayuga Little League, Greg Lowry of Whirlpool Park Little League, Jeff Cafarella of Hyde Park Little League, and Paul Tiberi of Midtown Little League, along with Councilman Choolokian, outlined their vision for the complexes at Monday's City Council meeting, arguing that the new facilities would become centerpieces of an effort to bring local and regional sports tournaments to the Cataract City. Each of the three proposed facilities would house a little league diamond, a multi-purpose soccer field, and a recreational building with bathrooms, concessions, and storage.

"For over 35 years the topic of Little League fields throughout every area of the City of Niagara Falls has come up...'" Choolokian said. "This project is a nobrainer. With the City of Niagara Falls being blessed with casino revenue these projects can become a reality. The cost of these projects would be a one-time expenditure that would benefit the youth for generations. Why would anyone say no to our children? Why would anyone say no to this great and exciting project? We hope no one will."






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