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SEP 08 - SEP 15, 2015

Accardo Picks Up Key Endorsement Has Eye on Restoring Fiscal Accountability

SEP 15, 2015


NIAGARA FALLS—John Accardo has picked up a prominent endorsement as he steamrolls into the primary election and sets his sights on becoming the next Mayor of Niagara Falls. New York State Sen. Rob Ortt (R,C,I) on Thursday said he has confidence in the abilities of the mayoral candidate to turn Niagara Falls back from the fiscal cliff at a LaSalle press conference.

Ortt—who until last fall was mayor of North Tonawanda—praised candidate Accardo, saying he sees a similar style of leadership in the businessman who is running to be mayor of Niagara Falls. Ortt applauded what he called Accardo’s “practical approach to complex problems plaguing the community.”

“As a successful business leader who has served in local government, John brings instant credibility to the table and is willing to make bold, sensible decisions, for the betterment of Niagara Falls,” said Ortt. “[He's] analyzed the city finances and understands Niagara Falls faces a significant structural deficit.”

North Tonawanda’s challenges in 2008 prior to Ortt and those facing Niagara Falls in 2015 are strikingly similar. Both cities faced crippling debt and mismanaged budgets, putting their respective residents at high risk.

“The number one issue facing Niagara Falls is the management of finances,” said Accardo. “My administration will restructure the budget to make services more efficient, focus on putting residents back to work with living-wage jobs, and develop a long-term plan for appropriating casino money.”

Niagara Falls currently has a structural deficit exceeding $7 million dollars and significantly depleted fund balance reserves. “With unemployment above 9 percent and poverty levels approaching 26 percent, Paul Dyster’s administration has forgotten about the residents,” Accardo said.

Accardo has operated the Accardo Agency on Pine Avenue for over 35 years. A pillar of the Hyde Park district, it stands as a testament to how strong leadership leads to success. Accardo believes his success in business will translate into helping Niagara Falls recover.

“I am a life-long resident and own a successful small business. I understand the daily struggle for survival this high-taxed city has forced our businesses into. It’s not sustainable, it’s not practicable, it’s not working. Period,” Accardo said.

Accardo was blunt in calling for change to fix a broken city.

"This administration has failed. Whether it was Jimmy Fallon calling Niagara Falls ‘sad’ or gaining national notoriety because nearly 200 homes were without water, the rest of America is shaking their head in disbelief,” Accardo said. “Our taxpayers are neglected, and it keeps getting worse. City Hall’s job is to make sure basic services like flowing water and trash pick-up are working, not building vanity projects.”

Accardo is the endorsed Republican, Conservative, Independence, and Reform Party candidate and seeks to implement real change for Niagara Falls.






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