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SEP 08 - SEP 15, 2015

Running to Serve as City Court Judge

SEP 15, 2015

Danielle M. Restaino
Candidate - Niagara Falls City Court Judge


Since mid-May I’ve been walking door-to-door every night, all over the city, talking with people and listening to their concerns.  I’ve really enjoyed it and the reception at their doorsteps has been great, so as I talk with people it only reinforces why I decided to seek the position of Niagara Falls City Court Judge.

I am a true lifelong resident of the city and I decided very early in my education that I wanted to start my business in Niagara Falls and keep my home in Niagara Falls and I have done that.  I have never thought of leaving the city to live and/or work elsewhere.  This is my home; this is where I want to be….to help my community.

In my private practice I have had the pleasure to meet and represent many people in our community and work with them to resolve their legal issues.  During this time I have learned that one of the most important aspects of effectively assisting someone is to simply listen to them.  With this experience I understand that a critical part of being an effective judge is to listen to people, so that they know that the court system has heard them and treated them with fairness.

Over the past twenty years many criminal laws have changed. During that time we have had domestic violence laws passed in New York, adjustments to our state's drug laws, and a new approach to child abuse and sex offender laws. Lawyers who have been out of criminal court since 1994, are likely unfamiliar and not ready for these changes. I have spent my career in the courtroom preparing cases and litigating these laws.

In addition to my private practice I am currently an assistant public defender for Niagara County assigned to criminal matters and family court matters in the courts of Niagara Falls and Lockport; this has given me the opportunity to participate in over one thousand trials and hearings, of complicated and serious criminal and family matters, over the course of my years of practice.  I am proud to say that my practice is almost exclusively courtroom litigation.

All of this experience has resulted in the Independent Judicial Election Commission of the 4th judicial department and 8th judicial district rating my background, service and abilities as qualified for election as a Judge of the Niagara Falls City Court; the NYS Women’s Bar Association and the Niagara County Bar Association have similarly recognized my experience and qualifications.  In addition, my qualifications and abilities have been reviewed and have earned the support and endorsement of many of my colleagues and all of the major political parties.

I believe in our city, and I am running for this office to do my part to serve and help the residents who may find themselves in the city court, for any reason.  There is no other agenda, nothing personal or financial, simply a concern to provide fairness, honesty and competent judicial temperament.

The position of City Court Judge has a ten year term and I am distinctly prepared, based upon my qualifications, skills and abilities, as reviewed and assessed by independent agencies, to serve the entire ten year term…starting from my first day of service.

With your help and support I will bring the same energy, honesty and integrity, which I have had in my legal career, to Niagara Falls City Court.  Listening to people, utilizing productive programs when necessary to help people and delivering firm and fair justice… I understand what it takes to be an effective judge.  So with that, I would ask for your vote on Thursday September 10th Row 8A on the Democratic line and Row 9C on the Conservative line.






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