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SEP 08 - SEP 15, 2015

Why I Seek Your Support for Town of Lewiston Supervisor

By Mark J. Briglio

SEP 15, 2015


Dear Editor:

Lewiston Republicans have an important primary this Thursday, September 10th. Serving as the Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Lewiston and participating as an involved citizen in our community, I am committed to making Town government work for all of our people. The Town Board meetings I attended before taking office and now, as Deputy Supervisor, the work and executive sessions I participate in, have given me excellent on-the-job training for the job of Town Supervisor. These experiences give me a direct hand in managing the Town but I don't have a vote on the Town Board. I want to be your Town Supervisor so I can have a greater role in serving you. Lewiston needs a Supervisor who can work with others as needed to try to get the job done for Lewiston. But we also need a Supervisor with the demonstrated ability and experience to follow through and actually get the job done.

I am a seasoned business manager with over 30 years of actual hands-on management experience directly related to the work of a town supervisor, including preparing and executing large, multimillion dollar budgets, contract negotiations, human resources management, organizational development and directing public communications. These are the very skills and experiences that are vital in leading your Town government.

Improving services the Town provides our seniors will be one of the most important priorities in the years ahead. Protecting the quality of their lives shapes the character of our community, and sets a great example for our youth.

The Lewiston Town budget needs our careful vigilance. I've been privileged to work closely with Supervisor Dennis Brochey as he has done a fine job in working toward getting our finances under control. I thrive on attention to details and read financial spread sheets like most people read sentences. In the upcoming years, Lewiston will need a Supervisor with that kind of experience and eye for detail. I'll watch how every penny of your money is spent.

I also want to keep a careful watch on all Town property and equipment, such as machinery and vehicles. The misuse of property is a violation of public trust and also potentially could even be a crime. I will view such acts with a tough eye and take whatever action is appropriate under the circumstances.

As far as is it  fair, legal and practical, the goods and services the Town requires should be purchased in the Town of Lewiston and that should apply especially to legal services provided by attorneys and law firms. I will work very hard to make sure our Lewiston residents who are attorneys, and have a vested interest in our Town, have a fair opportunity to provide such services to the Town.

I love Lewiston and my wife and I chose to raise our three young daughters here. I think we have a wonderful community. I believe public service is an honor and trust. With my background, experience and commitment to excellence, I believe I can serve you well as the next Lewiston Town Supervisor.

Thank you for your support,

Mark J. Briglio






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