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JUNE 2 - JUNE 10, 2015

Who’s Worse, James Earl 'Jimmy' Carter Jr. or Barack Hussein Obama?


By J. Gary DiLaura

JUNE 2, 2015

What if you could have the best of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama in one president?
Would you believe this man was a saint?

Time has helped Jimmy Carter and many of us have forgotten how truly stupid some of the things that the peanut farmer did. And how those stupid decisions put our country in peril. Carter did what he did, perhaps out of compassion for those he wanted to help but in so doing cast aside those he took an oath of office to serve and to protect.

Such as you and me. Today Islamic Iran is the biggest threat facing our nation. But as you may recall, before Carter, Iran was run by an ally to the US, the Shah of Iran. But Carter in his ignorance decided that the Ayatolla Khomeini was a humanitarian, a man who would treat his people with the same compassion Jimmy had himself for human rights. His staff helped convince Carter that Khomeini would free the Iranians from the tyranny of the Shah and make Iran a Democracy.

Carter never read the Koran. The Ayatolla had been in exile in Iraq because, in part, of his radical Shuria Islamic beliefs. The Shah, as well as numerous Muslim leaders, told Carter that he was insane to think the Ayatolla Khomeini would “free” the people of Iran and that Khomeini, if given a chance, would lead an Islamic Sharia revolution the minute he returned to Iran.

But Carter had no idea what Islam is about, no idea what Sharia law is, or how people, especially women, are treated under Sharia law! Rather than learn himself, or listen to those who knew, he would listen to his ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, who said” Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint.”

And he listened to his Iranian ambassador, William Sullivan, who said, “Khomeini is a Gandhi-like figure.” Or his adviser James Bill who said Khomeini was a man of “impeccable integrity and honesty.” Blinded by humanitarian ideals, Carter ran our country into an economic depression, led by 22% interest rates, gave up the Panama Canal, and when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, they acted tough: by boycotting the Olympics. And of course, Carter gave the muscle to our current threat - Iran! The Shah was the least of all evils in the Muslim world.

But Carter and his tree hugging, human rights’ liberals hung their hats on a congressional amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, (amended in 1976), that made the president responsible for the determination of which countries were guilty of abusing the human rights of its citizens. Thanks to Jimmy Carter, the Ayatolla Khomeini took over Iran in April 1979, and, in November, Khomeini returned the favor by urging Iranian terrorists to take over the US embassy and 52 American hostages which happily resulted in showing Carter’s inordinate weakness and helped President Ronald Reagan, a Republican, become President.

The Iranian terrorists released all 52 hostages within minutes of Reagan being sworn in. Unlike Carter, who was a simple idiot, Barack Hussein Obama is far from stupid, nor is he ignorant of Islam, nor is he following the advice of the Democratic Party that elected him.

He is following his beliefs, and the advice of his Islamic appointed White House CZARS, and other Islamic backers. Carter demonstrated that the United States cannot negotiate with Supreme Islamic leaders likes Ayatolla Khomeini or his successor Sayyed Ali Khamenei. So here’s the differences: Carter had no desire to be a supreme leader of the United States. Obama wants to rule the US, not lead. Neither honored their oath of office by not putting the American people first and foremost in their decisions.

Carter because of poor decisions. Obama for ideological and selfish motives. While Obama is the most dangerous president this country has ever had, both men prove one thing- whether a moron or a deceiver – when playing nice with radical Islam, the results will always be the same.






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