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JUNE 2 - JUNE 10, 2015

Facebook Posts are Behind GOP Decision to Rescind Price Endorsement

By Frank Parlato

JUNE 2, 2015

Willie Price in his signature vest with his wife, Summer.
“Niagara Falls needs a leader who can work towards finally eliminating decade old problems, not a politician who adds to it,” says Price.
Lizzy Oliver is 86-years old and is a stripper. Willie’s post of Lizzy may have been the final straw for Chairman Sandonato.
The lady says all black men are unemployed, gay or jobless.
Like Willie’s post of Lizzy, this 99 year old woman shows the Price motto: Nothing is impossible!

NIAGARA FALLS NY; City Republican Chairman Vincent M. Sandonato announced last week that his committee rescinded their endorsement of Willie A. Price who is running for city council.

Sandonato called the split “simply an insurmountable difference in opinion.”

The Republicans named Price and Kenny Thompkins as their endorsed candidates for council last month. Two seats are open this year on the five member board.

Sandonato declined to detail the differences the party had but “thanked Mr. Price for his honest intentions” and said his committee planned to endorse incumbent councilman Robert Anderson, a registered Democrat, to take Price’s place.

“I wish Mr. Price luck on his candidacy, but we believe it’s best to move forward in a different direction,” Sandonato said.

A source in the GOP Party told the Reporter that certain postings on Price’s Facebook page led to warnings and finally the withdrawal of his endorsement.

Price confirmed his Facebook posts was one reason he was told his endorsement was withdrawn.

The other issue, Price said, centered around his unwillingness to be micro-managed regarding his attire – and in particular his vests, which he generally wears without a jacket and often with colorful shirts of purple, pink, green and red.

“If you’ve seen pictures of me, I always wear a vest,” Price said. “Everywhere I go my vest is my trademark. The party chairman wanted me to stop wearing vests. I said, ‘no’.”

But it wasn’t the vests that caused the final parting, Price admits.

For several weeks, according to Price and GOP sources, Chairman Sandonato advised Price that his personal Facebook page should reflect Price the GOP candidate.

Price said it was his Facebook post of Lizzy Oliver, an 86 year old stripper that may have tipped the scales.

“They called me on Saturday and told me that the post of Lizzy was it. I posted it to show you’re never told old to try anything,” Price said.

A review of Price’s Facebook page found posts about his friendship and devotion to his wife, Summer, his passion for food, national and local political and social issues, with links to articles published elsewhere, with his commentary, his ideas on parenting and mentoring youth and news items and comments geared toward blacks with a self-help, stop calling yourself a victim message.

In one post he links to an article that argues that high minimum wages results in unemployment and mechanization of jobs.

But some posts could be called controversial and a possible cause of the GOP distancing themselves from him.

One post linked to an article entitled “4 Sex Positions That Guarantee Orgasm” with a photo of a man and a woman evidently in heat.

“I had posted that,” Price said. “It was an interesting story and (Sandonato) asked me to take it down and I took it down because I didn’t want people to take offense to it. It wasn’t an offensive article. It was just telling people four different ways to do that,” Price said.

Contrasting the 86 year old stripper photo were photos of a 99 year old woman who does pushups and a 77 year old woman who runs competitively.

Another was a photo of a young woman with extraordinarily tight fitting jeans shown from behind.

And another was a photo of cleavage-heavy Kenya Moore who states, “Black men are Either Gay, In Jail, or Jobless.”

“The Niagara Falls Republican Party is committed to bringing candidates forward who provide a clear choice against status quo and elevate civic discourse for the betterment of the community,” Sandonato said in explaining his departure from Price. “We cannot support his candidacy for office.”

Price, a registered Republican, said he still will run on the Republican line.

Meantime four Democratic council candidates, Alicia Liable, Rick Smith, Ezra Scott and incumbent Robert Anderson will compete for the two open seats in the Democratic primary.

Anderson, who has been the highest vote getter in each of his last three elections – tallying 3,000 more votes than the mayor, told the Reporter that, although he was flattered that the Republican Party chose to endorse him, he plans to decline and run solely on the Democratic line.

The move is seen as his desire to support Glenn Choolokian who is running for mayor in the Democratic primary against incumbent Paul Dyster, and to not appear on the ballot or in advertising with Republican candidates.

“I’m not running with anyone. I am supporting Glenn,” Anderson said.

Price is the president of Majadi Enterprises Property Inspections and Management Training. A graduate of the State University at Buffalo, a member of Western New York Real Estate Investors and the Niagara Falls Tourism Advisory Board, he has been nationally recognized for his commitment to youth programs.





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