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JUNE 2 - JUNE 10, 2015

Letters to the Editor

JUNE 2, 2015

While Mayor Paul Dyster decided that garbage bags were out, this clever Niagara Falls lady found a use for her excess hefty trash bags.
Dyster's trash plan has worked well. The people of the city, not having sufficient room in the small totes the city now provides, have come up with many ingenious ways to rid themselves of the trash that up until this year they were free to throw out at their own curbs.

Mayor Dyster still doesn't get it. 

What Mayor Paul Dyster fails to accept is that a mayor is elected for one reason, and one reason alone; to serve at the pleasure of his constituents. It is not about what the mayor wants, it is about what the voters and taxpayers want.

No individual always makes the definitive decision, this is why we have a city council. It is the council's duty to police the mayor's actions without being biased. There is absolutely no sense in having a council that has firm ties with the mayor. This endeavor makes the entire council useless.

Dyster is still up to his old tricks.

Now, Dyster, and of course Grandinetti, are publicly supporting Ezra P. Scott for city council. Dyster quoted, "I could not be more proud of this young man." "I will do everything I can to make sure he gets on our city council." Only the abysmally naïve would not see the proverbial red flag there. This is analogous to being on trial and being allowed to select your friends to be on the jury. Nothing but bad could result from this anomaly.

We have a chance to stop this miscarriage of justice in November. Enough is enough. We cannot endure this suffering any longer. Elect the people who will give our city back to the taxpayers. Contrary to popular belief, your vote does, and must count. Please get out and vote. Remember, it is the non-voters that have caused our current problems.


Niagara Falls Troubled

Welcome to Niagara Falls... where $100 million in casino money disappeared. The highest crime rate in New York State. Where, according to the Reporter, if a lady of the evening is picked up by a cop, she has two options, go to jail or give him a B.J. Now I have been robbed and they wouldn't serve a warrant. I rented a fully equipped tattoo shop to a girl on parole, I fed her and her boyfriend, and what did they do?

They stole all my tattoo equipment. I filed a warrant, they did nothing. The true crime rate is not reported. I am out thousands of dollars. The cops will do nothing!! Now Niagara Falls has been here for 10,000 years.

President Lincoln came to see them as did Mark Twain. There was no multi million dollar tourist dept. squandering your tax money. I think Mayor Disaster should hire a Buffalo law firm to investigate this lost money. And who is going to pay for a railroad station that will be marginally used? No one has a dollar figure on financing and the hiring of more of the gang. Your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be paying for it.

Wake up Niagara you are getting f#$%$d.


Niagara Falls


Hated Story about Pigs Being Thrown into the Water for Swim Races I own two micro mini pigs. What you are doing by throwing pigs on the side of the falls is absolutely ridiculous. You are pushing over a platform into the water.

 I would like to take the mother of the editor and throw her over the platform. I would like to take your ass and attach it to the tree stump and throw you.

Hopefully the log gets waterlogged and sinks your ass into the water. See how fast you get to the surface. I have seen so many abuse of animals and pigs. I eat pork, beef, chicken, goats.

But this country needs to treat the animals better. You are just as bad as politicians in Washington just as you treat your constituents. My phone number is 203 948 1863.

Don't call me.

After considerable consideration I would take the whole staff and take these pigs thrown into the water then tie them to the logs and throw them. Does anyone have the balls to call me back?

Ray Fitzgerald

More Pigs

Are Pigs Thrown in Water in Falls? I have recently read an article regarding pigs being pushed off into the water in Niagara Falls, can you please clarify if this horrible event is taking place or is this just a rumor? Please be in touch, Caitlin

Editor’s response: Pig swimming races are apparently happening somewhere in China. Not in Niagara Falls. The writer who suggested Niagara Falls should also do it was being facetious.

 I am relieved to hear this. It is barbaric, let's never partake. I am writing this as I listen to my pot belly pig snore in his bed beside me, just like a dog. We would never push a dog off a bridge. Why would we find entertainment in doing this to another creature?
Thanks for clarifying, 

You are a very bad man

Dear Jonathan Macready, I used to volunteer at the Niagara SPCA and just read your article about pit bulls, and I was so disappointing to see the same stereotype commonly repeated again and again. No, not anything about pit bulls, but the stereotype regarding ignorant reporters chasing headlines instead of doing ACTUAL REPORTING.

Newsflash moron!

Any dog can be dangerous, they're descended FROM FREAKING WOLVES that our CRAZY ASS ANCESTORS domesticated.

Dogs (all dogs not just pits) bite out of FEAR, so if you raise your dog in fear it may very well be dangerous! These types of dogs are thoroughly screened by animal behaviorists at the SPCA, but are not immediately euthanized if they can be acclimated and trained to be people friendly.

The only time the NSPCA euthanizes is when those dogs are too dangerous to adopt out, or when a dog is suffering and cannot be treated (if it can be, our vets take care of it).

We don't euthanize for the purpose of space because we don't believe in treating animals LIKE FOOD PRODUCTS THAT EXPIRE.

This is the right way to do it! Pit bulls are not any more or less dangerous than any other dog, the only reason people believe that garbage is because idiots like you shovel it down their throats without even GOING THERE to check it out for themselves!

You had every opportunity to see what type of animals they were by just going there and asking, BUT YOU DIDN'T CARE about fact checking, you just wanted to PRODUCE HEADLINES, and what sells better than fear?

Shame on you Sir! Shame on you! 

Angela Burnham

Motorola Article

Very insightful article. Official malfeasance is rampant, often resulting in blind parroting of the vendors' marketing baloney.

It's going on all over the country. While the vendors' tactics are slimy, public officials bear the ultimate responsibility. Many don't even do the faintest due-diligence, yet are allowed to cite narrow regulatory changes, like "narrowbanding", or federal grant language as mandating expensive digital trunked systems without facing the least skepticism.

Local officials who take a principled approach are often attacked viciously and personally; look into Louisville, KY. 

Keep up the good work. 

Dan Hawkins

Cricket Anyone?

I hope the taxpayers have a say if a cricket field is put in at Hyde Park. It’s not cheap and a lot can be done with that money especially with the need of our baseball diamonds throughout the city in need of a complete facelift and the frozen pipes in LaSalle.

At least the diamonds don't need year round maintenance like a cricket field does at taxpayers’ expense. I'm sure Niagara Falls wasn't their first choice considering this city is filthy. There are areas all around us that are greener and cleaner and they still came here.

Mayor Paul Dyster should ask himself these questions:

1. How many of these cricket players are taxpayers of Niagara Falls?

2. Why would they choose Niagara Falls with the highest crime rate in the entire state?

3. Were surrounding areas asked and realized it’s too expensive for them to support a cricket team?

It doesn't even sound like it's a sure thing by the way Dyster uses the words "hopes to see participation" from other teams in other cities miles away and I'm sure many of them won't be eating in Italian and Chinese restaurants along Pine Ave. when they come here to play like he says.

We pay for our children to play baseball and deserve the same type of field you plan on giving these cricket players without a cent outta their pocket. Sure this will cause my taxes to go higher next year. 

Over taxed already 
Niagara Falls

Niagara Reporter, 
Hello from Sunny Florida, I currently live in Longwood Florida but I am from Niagara Falls and considering moving back to be closer to family. After reading enough articles online I am completely AMAAZED that this idiot has been re-elected for a second term and is planning to run for a 3rd.

I left Niagara Falls in 1997 and I thought it was bad then!!!!!! Now after being home for a visit and seeing the garbage lined alley ways and Plywood windows that glorify our once beautiful streets I am seriously re- considering this decision, I wonder if I could do a better job of running Niagara Falls from 1192.45 miles away?

Maybe I should put my name into the hat of Mayoral Candidates for the next election? I only have 1 request of the people of Niagara Falls. Do not vote for the lesser of the evils that are running for Mayor but for the person who will actually do SOMETHING to better our fine home and not just line their pockets and those of their “Supporters”……

No I do not currently live in Niagara Falls, or NY State for that matter but that does not mean that I am not a Proud Niagara Falls resident at heart for life and only want to see OUR City back to what it once was.

James “Stone” Ogrodowski





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