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JULY 21 - JULY 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Donations Need to be Investigated

By Anna Howard

JULY 21, 2015

A not so funny thing happened last week on the way to the abortuary...a top executive of Planned Parenthood got stung in an undercover video featuring a discussion of abortion and the cash value of pre-born baby parts on the medical research open market.

That discussion took place in a restaurant as two volunteer actors from the Center for Medical Progress teased out chilling remarks from Doctor Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood, in which the doctor described how much cash heart, lung, liver, skull and other pre-born body parts can be sold for. All of the gory details came out as Nucatola sipped red wine and forked a luncheon salad into her mouth. If the doctor had been discussing the price of soybeans on the Chicago futures market she couldn't have been more at ease.

But now that the sting video hit the fan last week - drawing more than 2 million views in just three days - several states and the U.S. House of Representatives have called for immediate investigations of Planned Parenthood. So immediate is the demand for a federal probe that congressional representatives are demanding that hearings on the actions of Planned Parenthood take place no later than July 31. Doctor Nucatola is expected to be the key witness and she will be grilled as to how the nation's number one abortion provider handles the disposition of pre-born organs to medical researchers.

Congressional investigators are going to probe the murky region between "costs for harvesting and distributing" the human organs and the "potential profit" of harvesting and distributing those human organs. And that's because the sale of human organs, whether they are organs from born or pre-born humans, is illegal and a felony. While Planned Parenthood has said, time and again, that the only fees they charge for the pre-born organs are to cover their labor for procuring and processing those organs the controversy will not end there, it will only begin there.

How much is a reasonable fee to harvest a human organ before profit is gained? We're going to find out when the congressional hearings take place as early as this week. While Planned Parenthood will surely argue that they've done nothing wrong with their pricing structure for hearts, heads, lungs, livers and other body parts extracted from the pre-born there's another area of potential trouble awaiting Planned Parenthood as the history of their human organ trading is coaxed out of them.

Have medical researchers and or research companies and related organizations made cash donations to Planned Parenthood? Can those donations be judged to have been back door payoffs for organ sales? If so Planned Parenthood will have a lot of explaining to do and they could eventually suffer the ultimate sanction: an end to Planned Parenthood federal funding. If they have violated laws regarding the disposition of human organs, or accepted donations illegally, then it could spell doom for the nation's top abortion provider.

Irregardless of the outcome of the congressional hearings the undercover video "sting" has shone a light on the reality of an unsavory and very real outcome of legalized abortion on demand: the pre-born human organ market.






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