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JULY 21 - JULY 29, 2015

City Hall Jokes

JULY 21, 2015

Amazing but true! President Obama and the leaders of six nations reached an agreement last week with Iran over Iran’s nuclear development program and the services of ace nuclear arms negotiator, Paul Dyster, were never required.

Brook D’Angelo signed the Dyster petition four times. Three of the four signatures are illegal and it has people speculating that Ms. D’Angelo either likes the mayor three times more than all other petition signers or perhaps she wants her pay increased by three hundred percent.

Dyster has denied having anything to do with the harassment of mayor candidate Jim Szwedo regarding Szwedo’s city lots. Voters are reminded that Dyster has previously denied knowing anything about the anonymous city hall slush fund, the mysterious cost of the $50 million courthouse, the missing money reported in the State Comptroller’s audit, the mystery of the Underground Railroad Interpretive Center’s failure to open, the faulty trash plan and the frozen water pipes in LaSalle.

How is the security of the city’s financial computer system just like Walmart? Both are wide-open 24/7.

When is a train station not a train station? When Paul Dyster calls it a tourism center.

Responding to critics who are wondering why the mayor has shown zero interest in finding the missing city money as described in the State Comptroller’s audit, His Honor said, “I’ve immediately ordered all city employees to look under their desk and in their desk drawers. Those millions have to be somewhere!”

She has a way with words. Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti melted down recently on Facebook as she referred to the Reporter staff as “freak show knuckleheads” for drawing attention to one of Margaret Sanger’s quotes on population control. Sanger, the patron saint of Planned Parenthood, sought to limit black births and eliminate “mental defectives” but maybe Ms. Grandinetti didn’t get that memo.

A July 14 Buffalo News story reported on “a foul odor in Niagara Falls.” What do you think the story concerned?
a) The missing money at city hall
b) The character of the Dyster administration
c) The wastewater treatment facility

“They don’t like me, the voters really don’t like me!” (A sudden realization thought bubble above Mayor Dyster’s head)

The number one movie rental at city hall last month: “The Heist,” starring Patti LuPone and Gene Hackman.





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City Hall Jokes

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