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JULY 21 - JULY 29, 2015

Lone Wolf, Peaceful Islam, Radical Islam I’M Confused, HELP!

By J. Gary DiLaura

JULY 21, 2015

I have read the Holy Quran translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, first publication 2003, by Goodword Books, several times. It is praised by many, including Sayed Asgar A. Razwy, as one of the best translations.

This certainly does not make me an expert on Islam. I don’t believe ANYONE is an expert on Islam, nor will anyone ever be an expert. I say this as Islam is an ideology/religion created by a mortal man, Mohammed, based upon his beliefs and those of Allah as related to him by the angel Gabriel and today there is no “central” leader, like a Mohammed or a Pope, for example.

Some scalars say that some basic facts that Mohammed presents in his Quran are incorrect. This includes such basic facts from the scriptures as to whose father was who or whose brother was who. There are so many that, simple research sustains what I say! But Mohammed gave it his best shot and 1.5 billion people, today, believe in him and his writings (the Quran/Koran/Qu’ran) and that is their right! The “major” problem that WE, the Republic of United States have with Islam is that Mohammed’s teachings/writings/beliefs are in DIRECT contradiction and conflict to our Constitution and our rule of law. The most basic conflict is the separation of church and state, the very foundation of our free state. Islam’s supreme leader (such as in Iran) is the Ayatollah, who is the religious leader AND political leader, the “Supreme” leader. Most Islamic “states are the same”. But then some are not! There are so many fragmented believers within various parts of Islam such as the Sunnis and Shiahs, with no Book of Faith except “most” of the Quran but no one knows what parts, except, that the true Islam is the Quran and THOSE believers want you and me dead!

So here’s my problem and yours, even if you don’t realize it, yet.

 Someone out there is at war with us, the Republic of the United States of America, but the Congress of the US hasn’t recognized who that is yet or at least, can’t agree! That’s because some Islamic Countries, like Iran and ISIS and “Lone Wolfs” and Al-Qaida, and Hezbollah, all state that they are at war with us and want to kill us. Some in Congress say we are at war with Radical Islam, and some say ISIS, yet others say Lone Wolfs, others say Terrorists, some say Domestic Terrorists and our” leader” ,President, says he will “not fight Islam nor are we at war with Islam”, and very few, like me say, “We are at War with ISLAM!”

If I could only find someone who could give me an analytical way to distinguish between Radical Islam and Peaceful Islam it would help a great deal especially for Congress so they could declare war on the people who are at war with us!! The best way would be to tell me what the Book of Faith for Peaceful Islam is, because, all I can find is one Book of Faith on Islam and that is Mohammed’s Quran, with over a 100 Surahs of a “radical” violent nature, such as “kill the unbelievers where you find them”.

Another BIG help would be if the majority of the 1.5 billion Muslims, who are supposed to be Peaceful Islamic Muslims, would stand up, declare their Peaceful Faith and their Book of Faith and denounce the Radical Islamic Muslims and their Book of Faith, the Quran! The problem with that is every time Peaceful Muslims do that, Radical Muslims behead them! They need to get some balls because after Iran, the worlds Terrorist Leader, gets the bomb, it will adjust its  sights on them!

So, it seems to me we have no choice but to declare war on Islam and let God sort them out because if you thought Russia was a threat, they pale to what a Nuclear Islamic state like Iran will do.

How many times has Russia, under any leader as far back as you can remember, engineered a terrorist attack on us, and they certainly could have launched Nuclear terror attacks, how many?

What about Islam? Shall I name a few? USS Cole, American Embassies in Iran and Beirut, World Trade Centers, Pentagon, US Embassy in Benghazi and on and on. They were ALL Islam folks, ALL of them!

Now that we know for sure who did it, tell your Congressmen and Senators to stop playing Political correctness with our lives and declare WAR on those who are killing Americans, Islam! And when they ask “which ones”, tell them “the ones trying to kill us!’.

And when they say “ Obama won’t fight” then tell them “Impeach the bastard”, Biden will!






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