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JULY 21 - JULY 29, 2015

Cuomo Helps Welfare Jews and They Help Him Right Back

By Avner Benyamin

JULY 21, 2015

The sign says it all: While we don't want your morals, or your culture, we want your money.
Many of the contemptible men of Kiryas Joel would rather pretend to study the Torah than work. They like the idea of you working to pay for the raising of their children while they loaf around reading a book they do not understand and take intermittent breaks from their studies to get their women pregnant.

ALBANY— A group of mysterious limited liability companies tied to a Kiryas Joel developer has donated $250,000 to Governor Andrew Cuomo's campaign fund in 2015, more than any other source.

And they made their generous gift just after the governor vetoed a bill that would have hurt the developer’s plans.


Kiryas Joel is a village within the town of Monroe in Orange County, NY, nor far from West Point, which is made up largely of Hasidic Jews who are either unable to support their families, or claim to be unable, and who think nothing of taking money from the taxpayers of New York State to feed and clothe their broods which typically range from 8-10 children.


Most of the village's residents speak Yiddish as their first language and find nothing in their Hasidic religion that gives them the least scruples against making other people work to pay taxes in order to support their own inadequacies and fundamental inability, or willingness, to pay for the sustenance of their own offspring.


According to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, Kiryas Joel has the youngest median age population in the United States at 13.2 years old, and is perhaps the most qualified place in the nation for many of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s prescriptions of enforced sterilization, mandatory birth control and government issued birth permits.


The New York Times reported that “half of [its] residents receive food stamps, and one third receive Medicaid benefits and rely on federal vouchers to help pay their housing costs.”


It is an insular society, at once dependent on the outside world for its support and contemptuous of its values.

The lack of manliness among the men in Kiryas Joel is legendary since so many of them cannot measure up to the simple standard of all good nations: If you father children, you should support them.


According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation with 62 percent of families living below poverty level and relying heavily on public assistance.


Meantime Gov. Cuomo received the $250,000 donation from a developer in the welfare-laden Jewish village less than a week after Cuomo vetoed a bill that leaders of the Hasidic-welfare village said restricted its development.


The legislation would have hampered Kiryas Joel’s attempt to annex 507 acres, which would “make the village up to 70 percent larger” paving the way for an expanded but economically unsustainable welfare oriented village.


A spokesman for the governor suggested that Cuomo’s veto had nothing to do with anticipated support from the welfare-loving loafers in Kiryas Joel.


While disapproving of the legislation on July 8, the governor said it ran afoul of Article IX of the New York State Constitution by giving “counties control over local annexation petitions that would not impact a county’s boundaries.”


According to on July 13 and 14, a series of nine checks from murkily–named L.L.C.s whose addresses were in Kiryas Joel entered Cuomo’s campaign account for a sum of $250,000.


While the identity of the owners of the LLC’s appear cloudy as of press time, there are indications that they are associated with addresses and entities of developer Joel Hirsch, Mayer Hirsch, and/or the Kiryas Joel Meat Market.


Hirsh was chairman of Vaad Hakiryah, which purchased much of the land the village hoped to use to expand its welfare oriented lifestyle.


Earlier this month Orange County officials announced welfare fraud charges against 30 people and two corporations mainly in Kiryas Joel bringing the amount of fraudulently obtained public benefits in county-wide sweeps since January 2014 to more than $1 million.


Scamming on welfare, Medicaid, and SNAP is commonplace and these scammers structure their corporations to underreport income so as to appear eligible for public benefits.


But the scammers are only the tip of the iceberg here.


State and federal loopholes allow people with substantial income or assets to legally collect public benefits which this village is especially fond of taking.


An owner can legally structure his corporation so that he takes a poverty-level salary qualifying him for welfare while he lives in an expensive house, and drives a luxury car owned by the corporation.


When he needs money for a trip to the mountains for the entire summer, a boat, or anything else, he can draw from the corporate bank account.


Meantime the cravenly mock-Jew tells the County he has no money in the bank and makes a poverty-level income so he cannot take care of the gaggle of children he has brought into the world and qualifies for welfare, food stamps and especially Medicaid, which in New York offers better benefits and services than most other health plans including dental care and free eye wear.


Hoovler put the amount of fraud prevented by the investigations and arrests at $5 million.


Scammers in the community also adore mortgage fraud where, using falsified documents and concealed identities, obtain mortgages and loans from banks and financial institutions.


US Attorney Preet Bharara indicted a number of these rogues alleging the defendants doubled dipped, claiming to be rich while obtaining million dollar loans and mortgages, then pleading poverty to get welfare payments and social services.


Meantime Cuomo got $250,000.


The developers will add 500 plus acres to their welfare village – the so-called poorest in America – and earn millions as they attract more welfare Hasidic Jews to their unique lifestyle.


And government continues as usual in New York State.







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