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JAN 06 - JAN 14, 2015

The Next Time You're in Trouble, Call a Rapper Instead of a Cop

By J. Gary DiLaura

January 06, 2015

During my entire, 29 year, FBI career I was a Police Instructor and taught every aspect of police work to several thousand police cadets, FBI Agents and other law enforcement personnel inseveral different states. In the FBI, Police Instructors are voluntary and are in addition to law enforcement duties. I also taught Firearms and Defensive Tactics to aspiring PoliceInstructors.

There are several categorical statements I can make based upon those years of "very active" law enforcement experience and Police Instructing. When I say active I mean this;during my years in the New York Office, I was on the most active FBI Bank Robbery squad in the US, the NYO BR Squad. The 20 Agents on the squad investigated over 500 bank robberies PER YEAR,mostly armed robberies.

There was no SWAT, so the BR Squad also handled all the plane sky jacking cases (5 while I was there), all the major kidnappings, all top 10 fugitives, Weathermanraids and we worked extremely close with the NYPD Major Case Squad (MCU) . We put an end to the" rain of terror" by the Black Liberation Army, formed by Twyman Meyers, his girlfriend JoannChesimard, a current escaped Federal Fugitive cop killer who is hiding in Cuba, and their friends because the Black Panthers weren't violent enough for them. Meyers killed 5 policeofficers, Chesimard killed 1 for sure and they robbed several banks but Meyers did not survive the encounter with the NYO BR squad and MCU when we moved to arrest him.

Read "No Heroes " bymy long time friend and fellow BR Squad member, Danny Coulson. His book is all true, we lived it.

I say this because I can honestly say I never met a lawman, Federal, State, Municipal, County, "NEVER", who wanted to kill anybody, not even Twyman Meyers, who got off the first shots duringthat encounter and shot 2 NYPD officers and 1 FBI Agent during the fight and was still given first aid at the scene by those who shot him!

Those who are "so quick to criticize" a Lawman's actions have probably never held a real job, nor ever had the kind of respect for life and property that Police Officers have and mostcertainly never had to fight for their life! They have spent their lives lying, cheating and stealing, either on welfare or "working" as reporters aspiring to win a Nobel prize and take themisfortune of others as an opportunity; an opportunity to cause riots and chaos or make a name for themselves. It gives them a chance to do what they do best, steal! The sick "press" eats itup and embellishes it!

I said those who are "so quick to criticize", as that is not everybody! Those who let the judicial system work are usually working, reasonable, law abiding citizens from normal families!

You should be able to see that for yourselves. Look who the instigators are (the new Black Panther Party) and who they are led by, Al Sharpton and his crew of "sharpies". Gun totting,firebombing thieves. Their sole purpose is "self enhancement", period. They could care less about what happened or who lived or died, only "what can I steal"?

I'll say this as well, some journalists should be arrested for their biased, criminal reporting and failure to report the whole truth about "police shootings" in general. On the day after theFerguson incident I sent a letter to a local newspaper severely criticizing the "main news media" for showing photos of a 14 year old Michael Brown, instead of an accurate photo, and failingto mention that he was 6 foot 3 inches and 300 pounds, and then for accusing the PD for tainting public opinion by showing the truth via "actual video" of Brown pulling the strong arm robberythat started the whole thing!

Unfortunately, journalistic lying is sometimes called "editing".

The majority of those who criticize could not defend themselves against an average 14 year old teenage girl armed with a knife but would run to Al Sharpton if a Police Officer arrived atthat scene and shot that same teen. If she were black and the victim and policeman were white they would say "the racist cops didn't have to shoot to kill the poor teenager".

Lawmen aretaught to "shoot to live", which includes themselves. People in general do not understand how dangerous and difficult it is to take a resisting average size man into custody, let alone a huge6 ft plus 300 pound man. Try separating 2 fighting teenagers sometime! Add to that, even if they are NOT armed, the officer is and he must protect that weapon while he makes the resistersubmit.

If he loses control of his gun, very bad things can happen. The minute a resister puts his hands on an armed officer he becomes armed himself and has raised the level of force todeadly force. I taught that if you believe his putting his hands on you is a threat to your life then shoot.

If you believe the subject is trying to make friends, then don't shoot!

If you don't like it, then don't resist or the next time you get in trouble and need help, call a Rapper and leave the Police out of it! There's plenty of working people who really want police help!





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