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JAN 06 - JAN 14, 2015

Letters to the Editor

January 06, 2015

Couldn't Get Bigger Tote

The Niagara Gazette wrote an article stating that Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster was going to let us get large (96 gallon) garbage totes after the first of the year. I called their number and I was told that a family of Five did not qualify for a large refuse can. They were intended for people of greater need. I don't know about you, but I can't manage with a little (64 gallon) tote and five people. What's up with that Dyster?

Purple Eagle

Niagara Falls


Craft Asks: Wrong or Right about Lewiston, You Decide?

The first item I wish to address is my apology and correct a major mistake on my part in my recent Editorial, referencing The Lewiston Historical Society instead of The Lewiston Historical Association.

A recent editorial stating the association not being connected to the Welcome Center is also in question. The Welcome Center, and its being moved, was connected to a $100,000 judgment against the Village of Lewiston, which, I may add, is paid by taxpayers. Shortly after the building in question was designated as having some historical significance and presented to the Greenway Commission as such. If you believe the association does not have a connection directly or indirectly you probably still believe in Santa Claus.

My being criticized in not mentioning The Chamber and the Sanborn Historical Society regarding favoritism and monies is also questionable. The 2015 budget and the previous budget shows the Arts Council receiving $10,000 more than the Chamber some $20 or $25,000 more than the Sanborn Historical Society. I favor the Chamber because of their direct support to businesses which includes advertising, overseeing functions, providing medical insurance assistance and more. Sanborn deserves some help. After all, their tax dollars support police security for all of our festivals and the amount of monies earmarked for the village far outweigh any financial help they get.

The idea of myself not supporting volunteer organizations and businesses within the Lewiston area could not be further from the truth. I have been a chamber member and a member of the Lewiston Business Advisory committee. As a Lion we invited the Historical Association to speak and donated to the cause. As a club member I personally developed a website which highlights Lewiston in its entirety, including festivals, not for profits and points of interest. Local businesses are asked to donate $75 per year for a link and the club has raised upwards of $5,000 to date to help those in need.

My main complaint is not the associations or volunteers groups, it's the politicians who funnel large sums of tax dollars that neither the village nor the town can afford. Close to one million dollars spent on two monuments and a Welcome Center could be better spent on the Frontier House, Joseph Davis or a boat launch, which would bring in much more needed revenue in the future.

The fact that the Republican Town Board majority is rumored to possibly highjack half of $1.8 million from the sale of electricity earmarked for lowering taxpayers' utility bills for special interest groups leads me to believe monies earmarked for votes are in play. Note: the other half of the funds are scheduled to be put back in the general fund to allow more spending and waste, thus creating the possibility of: you guessed it a Town Tax.

I suggest the individual who wrote the article of my not liking Lewiston for its politics and spending, stop by the coffee shop and you will soon realize a large number of patrons agree with my sentiments.

The only agenda I have is in preserving the quality of life in the town or the village which includes fiscal responsibility and the taking care of l taxpayers being a number one priority. The reality is the current town and village have too much earmarked for special interest groups, and uncontrolled spending which creates higher taxes and will affect my quality of Life, which indicates I have an uphill battle.

Ron Craft



Paladino Says: Fire John Boehner

John Boehner is an establishment boy who was conditioned to think that you go along to get along. He's a pro at the Washington 2 step. He was a complete bust on Benghazi never ostracizing Obama for the stand down order, the IRS, (the criminality of which just vanished in the night), the disaster of Obamacare, etc., etc., etc.

It's time for real leadership. Send the establishment gang-led by Boehner and McConnell- packing. That is what the American people want. Grow a set balls.

How could any representative of the people give any respect to a President who ordered his military to stand down and leave American soldiers on the battlefield. How can any American family allow their child, father, or husband to put his or her life at risk and feel comfortable with the military leadership.

Wake Washington up. If it is to be Jeb Bush and business as usual, forget about 2016.

The American people want the lying and scheming Obama politically destroyed. They want the likes of Gruber and the liberal elitist crowd to be gone from the landscape. They want a strong military, respect from the rest of the world and a domestic policy that encourages achievement and is fair to all. They want leadership they can be proud of.

Carl Paladino



What the Heck?

I recently exited the N. Grand Island Bridge and turned east onto Buffalo Avenue. On my right, I noticed a worker from either the City, County, State or Highway Dept. arranging signs to be put up for Bike Paths on 12-10-2014. Why would anyone waste time and money to put up Bike Path Signs in the beginning of winter???


LaSalle Resident / Please No Name/ Concerned Citizen; Thank You, Keep Up The Good Work










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