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APR 14 - APR 21, 2015

Skurka to Speak on Shroud of Turin: Is it Real or Ruse?

April 14, 2015

Former Niagara Falls City Engineer, and Knight Templers scholar, Jeffrey Skurka, will lecture on the Shroud of Turin at Saint Amelia’s Roman Catholic Church, 225 St Amelia Drive, in Tonawanda, NY this Sunday, April 19, at 10 a.m., and noon, in the cafeteria. Skurka addresses the long standing debate over whether the Shroud of Turin is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ or a medieval forgery.

Skurka, who spent years studying the shroud, may add something to the debate.
He has a theory which, while it does not prove the shroud is authentic, casts doubt on the accuracy of the radio carbon dating of the shroud that dates it as a 13th century creation. Skurka, who has spoken on the radio, lecture halls, theaters, churches, and Shroud of Turin conventions, will answer questions following his lecture.

In brief, Skurka says the 1988 carbon dating is likely flawed because when Christ ascended, the radiation of his Divine body skewed the carbon dating process.

Skurka presents a number of well documented cases where radiation and heat skewed the carbon dating process, including a mysterious case Skurka had a hand in testing himself - the strange case of the carbon dating of a book on, weirdly, spontaneous human combustion, owned by a man who died in a fire suspected to have been caused by the man's spontaneous human combustion. The carbon dating on the book whose publication date was known and which survived the "human spontaneous combustion", was off by centuries.

"I have devoted more than 20 years of my research on the Shroud of Turin,." Skurka said. Explaining he believes that ultimately he will demonstrate that the 1988 radiocarbon dating results "are proof of the resurrection of Christ."

Skurka is also writing a trilogy about the Knight Templars, "A Knights Quest," "The Wisdom of Solomon" and the "Resurrection."

"I call them unscrewing the DaVinci Code," he said.





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