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APR 14 - APR 21, 2015

Retired FBI Fire Arms Instructor Claims 'Armor Piercing Ammo' Bans as Ploy to Disarm and Strip Citizens' Second Amendment Rights

By J. Gary DiLaura

April 14, 2015

I never really appreciated the real genius of the Framers of the Constitution ! It's probably because I didn't believe the damage one person, backed by a corruptmedia, could do to such a strong Nation. Two sections of the Constitution jump out thanks to Obama.

First ; Article 1 of the Constitution states, "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of aSenate and House of Representatives". The word ALL was put there specifically and intentionally to prevent one President from doing EXACTLY what Barack Obama has donewith his "pen and a cell phone".

According to Constitutional experts like Professor Philip Hamburger, Columbia Law School Professor (one of the most liberal Law Schools in the Nation), in a speech on5-6-14 at Hillsdale College and reported by Imprints, a publication of Hillsdale College, Volume 43, Number 9, "Americans established the Constitution to be thesource of all power and to bar any absolute power". He went on to say that rather than being a modern, post Constitutional American development "the rise ofadministrative law is a re-emergence of the absolute power practiced by pre-modern kings. Rather than a modern necessity, it is a latter day version of a recurringthreat, a threat inherent in human nature and in the temptations of power".

A result of President Obama's unlawful use of power, the EPA is legislating by regulating, the IRS audits Tea Party and Conservatives, and Obama sends money to changethe political shape of Israel. Obama is out of control! What Obama has done with his "pen and a cell phone law making", is another attempt to destroy your Country.

Second; the Second Amendment states ,"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shallnot be infringed".

Obama has ordered the ATF to ban certain .223 caliber ammunition, "armor piercing ammo". He says it is a danger to police as it will penetrate police vests.

It is so wonderful to see a President who has had nothing but disdain, distrust and derogatory things to say about police in general, all of a sudden, exhibit suchconcern for our lawman! If his goal is to ban bullets that will penetrate police vests, then he is going to ban ALL center fire rifle bullets! Why? Here's the reason,"the untold truth"!

There is no fabric vest in the world that will stop ANY center fire bullet fired by a center fire rifle, period! A typical .357 magnum pistol bullet fired from a .357revolver will not penetrate a typical fabric vest however, when that same .357 bullet is fired by a .357 rifle it will blow through both front and rear panels of mosttypical police vests. Most .22 caliber, rim fire, long rifle bullets fired by a 22 caliber rifle, will also penetrate the front panel of most fabric vests. Well maybeObama doesn't know that. Or, maybe he is misinformed, or maybe the ATF doesn't know or maybe, if you like your health insurance you can keep it! Folks, this is a wellknown fact that any competent Police Firearms Instructor will tell his officers when the vests are issued! It is well known with Police Firearms Instructors, FBI, ATF,military instructors, shooters and most informed civilian shooters as well.

Fabric vests were never intended nor designed to stop a rifle bullet without added ceramic type, protection. So what good does it do to take just one, particularcenter fire rifle bullet off the market? It is a giant step towards restricting the right of the people to keep and bear arms, that's what. Remember this guy wants to"rule" the United States.

As a lawman, sportsman, NRA member and Expert Firearms Instructor ( a moniker that the FBI and Federal Court placed), I firmly believe in the Second Amendment but Idid have some reservations on certain types of guns. Not anymore! I used to feel that there was no reasons for assault type guns until Barack Obama got electedPresident and started to disregard our rule of law. The second Amendment was NOT written for sporting purposes nor for food gathering. It was written for the reasonstated, "necessary to the security of a free State". No nation, no individual, no ideology will ever rule the United States so long as we have 100+ million armedcitizens.

Here's a few facts on that; there were over 600,000 hunters in Wisconsin this year alone, that's the 8th largest army in the world. There were 750,000 in Pa and700,000 in Michigan, and oh, they all returned home safely. If we add just the250,000 from West Virginia then we have the largest Army in the world with JUST 4 statesof hunters. Add the other 46 states and we have an army, or militia, if you please, of about 130 million! So it's easy to see why our enemies want our armed citizensto be unarmed citizens !

America, created by geniuses and run by idiots!






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