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APR 14 - APR 21, 2015

Republican Newcomer Tompkins Running With Price for Council

April 14, 2015

At 6'3 and 275 lbs, Kenny Tompkins sometimes looms larger than life in the world of contracts, contractors and subcontractors. How he will fare in the world of governance and politics is a matter of some debate. If the voters give him a chance they might find out how a business approach to running city hall may differ from the status quo.
Businessman Willie A. Price has a detailed platform.

Niagara Falls – A second Republican candidate has announced he is running for one of two open seats on the city council. He is Kenny Tompkins, who will be seeking the Republican, Conservative, and Independence endorsement. He joins Willie A. Price who announced several weeks ago and together these two may be the Republican slate for council.
A lifelong resident of Niagara Falls, Tompkins lives in DeVeaux with his wife, Terry (Ortt) Tompkins. They have five children.

“I am just a regular citizen that believes it is time for fresh faces and fresh ideas in city government,” Tompkins, said. “It’s time to roll up our sleeves and rebuild Niagara Falls, both structurally and financially.” Tompkins, who never ran for public office before, is an operations manager for a large plumbing and heating company in Niagara Falls. “Currently, common sense is absent in city government,” Tompkins said. “Politics is not a career, but a calling, with the greater good of all your constituents at heart, not just your political allies and donors.” Tompkins stated his campaign is focused on three areas: “First, we need real leadership to rein in the excessive spending and government waste, which is sending us into a financial disaster.

Second, we need to address the business environment in Niagara Falls to make certain we are encouraging our tax base to grow. Third, we need to resolve quality of life issues, like implementing a garbage-recycling plan that works and making sure every resident has running water,” said Tompkins. Tompkins is calling for a more "welcoming approach" by government planners and said he is willing to work with new business ideas that come forward. “Residents simply do not have the right leaders in their corner,” he said. “Developers are shut out or given impossible hurdles to overcome. We need to embrace these opportunities to make certain we bring more variety and jobs to our city.” Tompkins also called for more transparency and a solid plan for the city’s waning casino funds. “As a purchaser, I see how easy it can be to spend money on things that look good at the moment. As a smart purchaser, I routinely analyze the future impact of each expenditure to ensure long term feasibility,” noted Tompkins. Tompkins also plans to end the health care opt out for city council members. he opt out plan allows a city employee who is covered by health insurance at another job or through a spouse to "opt out" of getting city health insurance and in doing so one can collect more than $10,000 a year just for not taking health insurance the persn doesn't need. At least three of the five current council members collect opt out payments. “I promise on 'Day One' that I will submit a resolution ending lifetime health benefits for part-time officials, including the cash-grab buyout.” Tompkins said. One of seven children of Kenneth and Charlotte (Fratello) Tompkins, the candidate has roots in Niagara Falls. “It pains me to see so many friends and family members move to outlying areas,” said Tompkins. “I will work tirelessly to bring this city back to a thriving and populous community once again.”

Absent another Republican announcing their candidate, Tompkins running mate will be Willie A. Price. A local businessman, and LaSalle resident, Price is the president of Majadi Enterprises Property Inspections and Management Training. A graduate of the State University at Buffalo, a member of Western New York Real Estate Investors and the Niagara Falls Tourism Advisory Board, he is married to Niagara Falls resident Summer ChapmanPrice. "A city cannot survive with a 'Casino & Spend' mentality, nor can we expect residents to foot the bill for any irresponsible, unnecessary and wasteful spending," said Price. "My focus will be to work with local businesses, as well as new employers to provide a better standard of living for the residents." His platform is "keeping our youth here," "fiscal accountability to spur economic development," "a fresh vision to neighborhood revitalization", "new housing initiatives," "reducing the 1,700 pages of overlapping ordinances" and "taking a hard stance against crime."
]Two businessmen, both newcomers to politics, and both Republicans, are throwing their hats in the ring.

The council in recent years has been peopled with government and institutional employees.

Of the last six council members, three have been public school teachers, one works for the Water Authority, one works for Memorial Hospital, and one is a retired US Air Force veteran.

There has been no businessman sitting on the council in years.

The two Republican mayoral primary candidates James Szwedo and John Accardo are also businessmen.

If nothing else the Republicans in Niagara Falls are offering a robust slate and giving voters a choice.





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