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SEP 16- SEP 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor

September 16, 2014

Quasar Fight Continues

Residents of Wheatfield (and other WNY communities) are currently fighting Quasar Energy.

Quasar Energy processes and applies sewage sludge to farm fields (aka Equate, biosolids, land amendments, digestate). Farmers are required to have DEC issued permits to use this product that contains human and industrial waste.

The DEC is now withholding the names of farms that are issued permits.

The DEC is supposed to protect the environment not the billion dollar corporations like Forest City Development, the parent company of Quasar Energy.With this new secretive permit process, consumers will not know which farmers are using sewage sludge “fertilizer”.

Local farmers are and should be supported by the community.

Farmers that do not use Equate will continue to have local community support.

Farmers do NOT have the right to contaminate their crops or the environment.

They do not have the right to contaminate our food supply. Those that do will not be supported by the community and may suffer economic loss as a result.

Consumers have a right to purchase healthy, locally grown food without fear of what is in the food.

Laurie Galbo



Piccirillo Calls Isaiah 61, the new BOCES

In the Niagara Gazette, the city’s community development director Seth Piccirillo offered a guest view regarding his support of the $500,000 investment of casino cash into the old Highland fire hall for Isaiah 61.

Bottom line: He is selling it as a jobs training alternative to BOCES because it takes too long to get to BOCES in Sanborn and this is a much closer and convenient situation for those seeking training in the city. Claims Isaiah 61 has graduated 100 trained workers and has placed 70 of them to date.

So, Isaiah 61 is a legitimate BOCES education organization/facility? Sanctioned by the state education department with certified educators?

Now that Seth has fixed the jobs training situation in town he can move on to tackle the low high school graduation rates, the illegitimate birth rate, the crime problem and so on right down the line.

Not one word on Facebook about the half million for this project. City has now officially gone brain dead.

Ron Jamieson

Niagara Falls

More on Isaiah 61

Regarding the gifting of $500,000 of casino cash to fix up a building for Isaiah 61, it is the biggest waste of taxpayer money. Typical liberal Democrats wasting taxpayer dollars for the benefit of a few.

Furthermore, where is the separation of church and state?

Isaiah 61 promised me as chairman of the council in 2012 that they would never need taxpayer dollars.

Sam Fruscione

Niagara Falls

Anello Has Called for Casino Spending Plan for Years


I enjoyed the story by Anna M Howard in last week’s Reporter calling upon the city to adopt a casino spending plan.

For the last two years, I’ve discussed this very issue on my WJJL radio show with a number of guests. I have also posted comments on this topic on Facebook.

We need a Casino Revenue spending policy. It should be instituted by legislative action of the City Council. It should include a yearly budget process that involves public hearings and public budget amendment votes.

People scratch their heads and wonder why we don’t have a casino spending plan. Some people thought that we did.

Vince Anello

Niagara Falls



NT Alderman Clark Passing


It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of member Robert Clark. Bob joined us as a supporting member just a few years ago, however Bob was also a North Tonawanda Alderman and true war hero. A bit of trivia about Bob……he and his daughter are the ONLY father/daughter duo EVER to both receive The Purple Heart; one of our nations highest honors.

Please watch for details on Bob’s wake service and let’s make sure we have a good showing for a true patriot and friend of Gratwick Hose.

Bob Brennan


Gratwick Hose

Volunteer Fire Company

North Tonawanda


Convention of States an Important Safeguard of Liberty

It is exciting to see the interest the Convention of States has garnished. It has been in the

Constitution since its inception but has since been forgotten.

The Convention of States was put in place by our Founding Fathers because they came from a place similar to what The United States of America has become. They saw the destructive nature of a government such as ours, and supplied us with this wonderful provision, a provision we can and should use to protect ourselves and our future generations. I urge everyone to embrace this wonderful provision that our Founders left us, the Article V Convention of States. We should all be aware of the reason our founders felt the need to put this in the Constitution, and realize that the only way to rid ourselves of our overreaching government is to utilize the Convention of States. I urge everyone to go to and familiarize yourselves with this tool we have been given.

Kathryn Jacobsen Meng

Arlington, Texas



An Open Letter to Grandinetti

Your newspaper is unique in that it is willing to grapple with the hot button issue in our culture; the issue of abortion rights. Thank you for that.

In response to your article “Grandinetti to celebrate abortion-rights, hosting rocking party” by Mike Hudson, please consider publishing this open letter to Kristin Grandinetti, entitled “Life by 11 Weeks....”

Science studies what God has created. The science of human biology teaches us very well about human life at 11 weeks after fertilization: The babies heart has been beating since 18 to 25 days; at 40 days, brain waves have already been recorded; the baby squints and swallows; the baby can kick and make a fist; the baby has fingerprints.

The baby is sensitive to heat, touch, light and noise; the baby sucks its thumb. All body systems are working. The baby can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Let's not refute the facts that science is teaching us.

Life by 11 weeks after fertilization is much more than a “blob of tissue”.

A new human life has been formed, a life that is worthy of dignity and respect.

Rick Poveromo

Grand Island



Tea Party Claims Victory, Pleased to see Sen. Grisanti Defeated

We defeated State Sen, Mark Grisanti, yes, we did.

Grisanti turned his back on us, he ran one way and voted the other. When we needed him in crucial issues he flipped us off and went with the Cuomo faction and after money flowed in to his campaign account.

The straw the broke his back was State Sen Patrick Gallivan and all the Republicans that continued to push Grisanti on us.

We will choose our candidate. None of them have the credibility any longer. Gallivan’s dream of being county executive will not happen. He will have a primary in whatever office he chooses to run in.

And I have know Gallivan for 20+ years.

We focused all our efforts on defeating Grisanti and we succeeded.

This arrogant, condescending, egotistical attitude had to have been knocked down..

Now if the Republicans lose the senate they have only themselves to blame. The reflection in the mirror is the one at fault.

Call it a victory for grassroots and the TEA Party, we are far away from death.

Rus Thompson

TEA New York



Leading Conservative Writer Asks For Help to Thwart Liberal Media’s “Stealing” 2014 Election


One of the central strategies the liberal media are employing to steal the 2014 elections is to cover up liberal scandals.

The media's strategy must be confronted and neutralized.

It's sickening. I already told you about how the media are refusing to report on one of the biggest scandals to hit New York in years: the investigation into corruption by that state's liberal governor.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Media Research Center's exclusive reporting shows that in the 2014 campaign season, the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks have filled their programs with one GOP scandal after another.

But they have shamefully and inexcusably refused to report allegations of unethical behavior by left wingers, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid using campaign funds to pay $31,000 to his granddaughter, or allegations that Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn is using an anti-violence initiative as a slush fund.

The list is long and shocking.

The media are desperate to hide the truth from the American people. If they succeed, millions of Americans will believe that only conservatives are scandal prone, and that liberals can do no wrong.

And the media want Americans to believe that in order to sway how they vote this election season.

We cannot allow that to happen. Will you stand with the MRC as we combat the media's despicable cover up of liberal scandals?

It's absolutely critical to preventing the media from stealing yet another election and to begin the process of restoring our Republic's founding values, which are under a relentless assault by the Left.

Thank you for joining us in this epic battle for the heart and soul of our Republic.

Visit to help.

Brent Bozell III

Media Research Center

Reston, VA.



Names withheld but sordid details given in the public interest

(The Niagara Falls Reporter gets many letters alleging improprieties of various sorts. We only publish names of alleged transgressors if we have confirmed the facts contained in the letters. This letter is of such an interesting nature, and, if true, will be one that describes events that may be covered up, that it deserves to be published pending our looking into the matter. If what is alleged is true, that persons were fired and demoted, it will soon be ascertained, especially if there is more to the story. If it is not true, not only have no names been mentioned, but they were also not fired or demoted. So no harm is done . By bringing this up for reader’s inquiry and passing along of further information, we may soon get more info.)

I am writing to inform you of a story that will be covered up by the US Postal Service if no one knows the story. Two weeks ago, after an investigation, the Niagara Falls post office released a mail carrier (name withheld by the Niagara Falls Reporter) for mail theft.

The carrier was taking mail home from her route and admitted to burning the mail. She was doing so in able to leave work early and have less of a load. It has been suspected that she has been doing this practice for months but was only found out recently and confirmed after investigation.

I give permission to run this story but do not wish to be associated with it in anyway. I was informed about the story by a close friend who works with the former carrier and first hand witnessed the theft. He told me to report it because the post office will bury and hide the story to protect the reputation of the thief since her husband works for the Niagara (name withheld y the Reporter). This is the same carrier who several months ago was merely slapped on the wrist for having and extra marital affair with her (name and position withheld) supervisor.

The supervisor was transferred and demoted while she was given no less than a warning.

My friend thought there would be no one better to break the story than your paper. Good luck and again I wish to have no ties to the story or have the post office tie me to it.

Name given, but withheld by the Reporter, to protect the writer’s anonymity at his request.

Mayoral Candidate Takes Time to Explain

I would like to thank you for including me in your article about potential mayoral candidates and for not dismissing me as a nothing.

I will be 30 when the election begins next year. I grew up on 5th Street between Niagara St and Ferry Ave.

My friends and I used to play in the old Rainbow Mall, Wintergarden, and Convention Center during our childhood. At 21, I moved to Omaha, NE.

There, I got married and began a family and discovered my skills in the customer service industry: the ability to analyze a problem and find the solution, the aptitude to find creative solutions to otherwise difficult problems, and the willingness to compromise when necessary.

Things were good until the recession hit. Then I found myself out of work for over a year. Luckily, my family here was good enough to help me and my family stay afloat.

Moving back to Niagara Falls, I saw a different city than the one I left.

Some changes were for the better (development happening on Military Road, for example). Many changes were for the worse. Downtown looked like a ghost town with nothing to do in the tourist area.

I realized changes needed to happen. But first I had to concern myself with getting employment. I took a job at Wilson Farms. A few months later, I was selected to assist in the changeover from Wilson Farms to 7-11.

With the impending arrival of my third child, I had to seek other employment. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a job in Niagara Falls so, I took a job outside the city in the collections/customer service field.

I’ve been there over a year now, and I’m quite happy about my position.

I still live downtown, just blocks from Hyde Park.

I’ve decided to run for mayor in the hopes that, with either my election or just by running, I will be doing my part. I want to revitalize downtown, bring it back to what it used to be. We need to give both tourists and locals something to do in Niagara Falls. I want to bring culture to the city by turning one of our abandoned buildings into a theater. I want to encourage people to work here by fighting to increase the minimum wage for this city to at least $10 an hour.

I will be a completely transparent. When I’m in office, you will see more of the inner workings of City Hall than has ever been seen before. I will listen to the people. I will not be influenced or bullied by outside interests from Buffalo or Albany. I have no other aspirations than to make my city a place to go, to live, a place to love. I do not plan to seek higher office. I don’t have the intention to run for re-election. I want to fix the problems of this city and then retire from office and live here.

I have no political experience, and I know my odds of winning are slim.

I’m not running on any party line because I want people to judge me on what I stand for, not what party I belong to. In the next election, write in the vote for me.

Let’s elect a non-political person to run this city. We’ve had many years of politicians, and look where we’re at.

Robert Russell

Niagara Falls





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