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SEP 16- SEP 24, 2014

Dyster Declares Zephyr Teachout ‘Crazy’ in Facebook Post

By Anna M. Howard

September 16, 2014

Paul Dyster wrote on his Facebook page “I would not have bet on Kyle (Williams) to snag a critical interception, but I am a praying man, not a betting man... Hallelujah!”

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster, posting on his Facebook page, claimed that Ms. Zephyr Teachout, the Democratic challenger to Andrew Cuomo in last week’s primary, appeared to be “crazy” as she gave her concession speech.

Dyster wrote, on Sept 10, 2014 at 12:05 a.m. on his Facebook page: “Watched her ‘concession speech’ (?) on Time Warner Cable. She looked crazy.”

Teachout, an associate professor of law at Fordham University in New York City, surprised many political observers, and Cuomo supporters, by garnering about 34% of the primary vote to Cuomo’s 60%.

Teachout, with little campaign money to spend versus Cuomo’s astounding $34 million in campaign cash, entered the race late but her effort, humble as it was, left a bruise on Cuomo.

The NY Times wrote that her strong performance was “an embarrassing rebuke to Mr. Cuomo and it could put a dent in any national aspirations he may hold.”

Yet, for some ungodly reason, Mayor Dyster not only declined to give his female fellow Democrat a gentlemanly “well done” but elected to slap her with the proverbial male slur: “she’s just another crazy woman.” That he should be so callous and rude to this high achieving woman is not surprising since Cuomo himself refused to even acknowledge Teachout when she approached him at a Labor Day parade. Earlier in the campaign Cuomo refused to accept her challenge to a debate.

One can only assume that because Prince Andrew virtually declared Teachout to be a non-person and ran away from her at the Labor Day event it was perfectly acceptable for Dyster to call her a crazy woman on Facebook.

Teachout is not only a law professor but also an author and national commentator who is considered to be an expert on antitrust matters. A graduate of Yale, she earned two simultaneous degrees at Duke University.

So why did Dyster feel the need to attack and demean this hard working female politician?

Perhaps it’s because she is all that Dyster would have us believe he is. She is an accomplished professor, legal expert, author and political commentator.

In stark contrast Dyster left (circumstances unclear) his university position in the nation’s capitol back in the 1980s.. He then returned home and opened a beer brewing supply business before running for mayor.

Quite obviously the resumes of Teachout and Dyster don’t belong on the same personnel desk.

Psychologists inform us that Facebook is largely a communication medium for those seeking social validation. And they write that Facebook is a forum more often relied upon by females than males.

We think Dyster’s insulting remark at Teachout’s expense was childish and immature. But much of what the mayor presents on his Facebook page is more in line with what a female junior high student would write than what a man charged with administering a mid-sized city would normally concern himself with.

On Sep. 9 Dyster wrote on Facebook – after having changed his cover photo to a picture of Kyle Williams, the Bills defensive lineman – “Kyle Williams and Fred Jackson are my two favorite Bills. Of course I love them all, but I have a preference for the ‘old school guys.’”

That same day he wrote “Hallelujah! It has indeed been a roller coaster year for the Bills fans, but today we can all take a deep breath, forget about our nightmare that the team might leave and get back to worrying about the really important things – like squishing the fish on Sunday. See you there, Go Bills!”

His Honor was referring to the Bills-Dolphins game in Buffalo on Sunday, an event clearly high on Dyster’s list of mayoral priorities. We wonder if the mayor bought his own tickets, was sitting in an exclusive box or perhaps was given “courtesy season tickets” due to the fact that he sits on Cuomo’s football stadium panel.

On Sep. 9, Primary Day, Dyster also posted a reminder for everyone to vote for Cuomo and Hochul, writing “no one could be a better advocate for our interests than local girl Kathy Hochul.”

Wow, what must be going through Paul Dyster’s head? He refers to a dynamic female governor candidate – Zephyr Teachout – as “crazy” and he calls former congresswoman Hochul a “girl.” And does it all while expressing his “love” for all of the Buffalo Bills but reminds his Facebook friends that he has a “preference” for “old school guys.”

Cue the psychiatrist, going any further with this is well above the Reporter’s pay grade.

In closing we respectfully paraphrase the New Testament and suggest it’s time for Dyster to “put away childish things” and set himself to the grown-up task of governing the city of Niagara Falls.


Paul Dyster wrote on his Facebook page that Zephyr Teachout appears “crazy.”






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