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SEP 16- SEP 24, 2014

Former FBI Agent in Charge of Environmental Crimes says
Carbon Dioxide releases are not detrimental;
UN-funded ‘science’ a fraud on the American people

By Gary DiLaura

September 16, 2014

Gary DiLaura

As a federal agent, I spent a career putting thieves, cheats, and con men in jail. Retired, now I can't keep quiet any more with what I see going on. I have to try and get my countrymen to open their eyes and ears to the cons around them.

In the following weeks I will be writing about what I think are the biggest frauds being perpetrated on the American people.

This week I will focus on the fraud of deceiving the public that increasing carbon dioxide by human sources is causing the planet immeasurable harm.

First, there is currently .045% CO2 in the atmosphere over the earth right now.

That this is the lowest carbon dioxide level since the beginning of time is the best guess of our scientists.

There are 200 active volcanoes in the world. Studies show that a “burp” from one of these volcanoes puts as much CO2 into the atmosphere as the entire population of the United States does in three years of “CO2 polluting.” Science doesn’t know if CO2 causes holes in the atmosphere or if holes in the atmosphere cause CO2 increases.

According to Dr. Art Robinson, who was instrumental in forming the EPA in 1971, and the first EPA director, and who is one of the world’s foremost recognized experts on environmental issues, there is no evidence that CO2 releases by human sources causes global warming.

Further, in 1998, 31,000 scientists signed Dr. Robinson’s petition to Congress urging Congress not to sign any world or international agreements to reduce CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions because the fact is that there is not one single piece of scientific evidence supporting that release of CO2 or greenhouse gases by human sources causes global warming period!

But, of much more importance, what science does know is: 1.) CO2 is essential for the existence of human life and to decrease CO2 emissions would be detrimental to human health! (Bet you never heard that on NBC, ABC, or CBS and that’s probably because it is a scientific fact.), and 2.) IPCC studies on global warming are not science driven.

Dr. Robinson also believes that “there is no global warming” and he and Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. Bernd Palmer, other well-known and respected scientists, say that the earth has cooled by .7 degrees Celsius in the past three years. The cooling may be the reason the global warming fanatics have been so quiet lately.

Dr. Robinson, who is responsible for the Big 8 Environmental laws like clean air and clean water, also now believes that the EPA, that he created and directed, should be eliminated! It is causing more damage to the economy of the United States than it is good for the environment! This is a belief shared by scientists, economists, and average citizens. EPA duties should be turned over to the states. It is an agency that is legislating by regulating, at the whim of the President, and is out of control.

By the way, over 9,000 of the 31,000 signers to Dr. Robinson’s petition were PhD experts on environmental issues! Of course, Al Gore knows more than they do! He should, because he invented the internet, according to him.

The UN funded the United National Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), financed all the global warming “studies” that Al Gore and others rely upon for their scientific data. The IPCC however only funds a “study” if the premise of the study group, waiting for the grant, is that “there is global warming.”

Let me say that again, the IPCC only finances a “study” if the study group agrees to assume there is global warming, as their confidential premise, before they begin their “study”! There has not been one study funded by the IPCC that has studied “if there is” global warming! Nor has the IPCC studied what effect human CO2 emissions may have on earth’s temperatures or what effect sun spots have on earth’s temperature!

These are the scientific studies Al Gore and the Gorites rely on, solely!

What they are is as phony as Gore and the environmentalists that support him!

But the worst part is what these “environmentalists” have done to the manufacturing base of this nation in the name of “carbon reduction.” Any idiot will tell you it has moved our manufacturing base to China along with, now get this, our food processing operations. China, of all places, has the worst environment concerns of all the manufacturing nations on earth, and they are now making your Krakus ham! [Editor’s Note: Research if you disagree]

The top scientists in the world believe that without CO2 we could not survive and there should not be any efforts to reduce CO2 emissions by manmade sources or anything else until we can find out what is the real scientific truth.

The IPCC studies on global warming used by Al Gore and many others are unscientific, funded by the UN IPCC and are a fraud.

(Gary DiLaura is a retired veteran of the FBI where he was involved in the FBI's Violent Crimes Program and started the FBI's Western NY Environmental Crimes Program. He was a Metallurgist for General Motors and a graduate of General Motors Institute}





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Former FBI Agent in Charge of Environmental Crimes says Carbon Dioxide releases are not detrimental; UN-funded 'science' a fraud on the American people
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