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NOV 11- NOV 19, 2014


November 11, 2014

Nick Prozeralik Aug 14, 1934 - Nov 08, 2014


Niagara Falls & Western NY lost a tall, calming gentleman today! "Mr. Nick" Prozeralik passed away in Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston after a long illness. Nick was 80.

Nick ran "The Flagship" restaurant, John's Flaming Hearth, with his recently deceased brother John Prozeralik. Nick stood beside John, on everything from the beginning. Nick & John never seeked out, the limelight. Both were extremely hard workers, to make sure that their patrons were comfortable, and very satisfied with their experience at "The Hearth!" They came from simple means, from the hills of PA, to reach the epitome of a "World Famous" Steak House, literally with their bare hands. Guests enjoyed "mouth watering steaks," grilled to perfection, along with their "world renown pumpkin ice cream pies & miniature golden loaves" of bread, all from "in house," by the family. Nick's sister Ann Driscall, created the pies & bread! Everyone coveted the pampering, grandeur & professionalism.... from the hands of "Mr. Nick" & John!

Patrons came from all over the world including Soviet Premier Alexei Kogygin Cher & her husband, Liberace & his entourage several times, Sammy Davis Jr., & Jack Benny! But most important... Mr. & Mrs. "Joe Public." Any of which, who could & did walk into their kitchen, any time, and shake hands with Nick & John. They, were friends to, and for all. They were "Teachers" to hundreds of us. The younger Nick's, 1st love was pitching for the Brooklyn Dodgers. His 2nd love, is Miss Lucille Ann Burns (Lou), whom he married in 1960, which produced daughter Debbie, and son Daniel.

Nick & Lou have 3 grand children & 1 great grandchild.

Mother & Dad Prozeralik produced 10 children! Mary, Eva & Fred (Living), Nick, John, Mike, Ann, Helen, Betty & Pauline (Deceased). Father - Metro Prozeralik. Mother - Pearl (Kotyk) Prozeralik.

Nick willed his body to science to the University of Buffalo.

A family memorial service will be arranged at a later date.

Any donations can be made to Hospice.

Mark Carey

Designer - Retired & Close friend for the Prozeraliks for the past 40 years.





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