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NOV 11- NOV 19, 2014

Choolokian Comments on Reporter Proposal

November 11, 2014

Council Member Glenn Choolokian gets his first look at the budget.

Niagara Falls Council Member Glenn Choolokian had this to say about the Niagara Falls Reporter’s proposal to not fund the Governor’s $4 million contest and use the money to stave off tax increase and cure the deficit.

Choolokian: "New York can't even handle their own business. They have been in a financial crisis for years and now they are trying to tell us what to do with our money.

“New York is the highest taxed state in the whole country and now we are going to take their guidance?

They get 75 percent of the casino money. The city's crumbling and these guys are agreeing to fund a contests for $4 million.

“ Cutting the contest is a no brainer. We should never agree to get into any contest. It's pretty sad when the whole government is about contests.

“In America, if you work hard, you can be a millionaire tomorrow, but it should not be on the back of taxpayers, that’s not what America's about. We should not be funding anybody's business. Our top priority should be families of Niagara Falls, not giving millionaires contest money.

“USA Niagara is a state agency and after all, the state already gets 75 percent of the Seneca NiagaraCasino money. Niagara Falls gets only 25 percent. So think about it: The state gets $60 million from the casino here and we get $20 million and they want us to kick back $1.5 million for USA Niagara and $4

million for a state contest. It's ridiculous.

"This proposed budget proves everything I've been saying from day one. The casino money is in place; there is no reason to raise taxes.

“Yet, if Dyster has his way, businesses are going to have to pay another large tax increase. Our city was in better shape 10 years ago without a casino.

“Think about all the cities that are trying to get a casino. It's like you won a lottery. Niagara Falls got one of the first casinos in New York. Ask any mayor, if you got an extra $20 million a year for 20 years -- $400 million - could that turn your city around?

“The casino money could have been used to replace a lot of expenses. Instead we are talking about tax increases and layoffs. The sad part is it's year after year. The Dyster administration can't blow through money fast enough.”





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