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OCT 22 - OCT 29, 2015

'Price' for a Better Niagara Falls

OCT 22, 2015

Willie A. Price Candidate for NF City Counci

My Name is Willie A. Price and I am running for 1 of the 2 seats on the Niagara Falls City Council. When going door to door in the community I always introduce myself with that statement, because I’m finding that many residents do not realize that there are actually two council seats available for the November 3rd General election.

I am a newcomer to the Niagara Falls community and my wife (Summer Chapman-Price) and I live in the LaSalle area of the city. I brought a Property Inspections, a Motivational Speaking and a Publishing company to this area. I have been in the housing, property management, construction, and inspection business for more than 20 years and motivational speaking and publishing business for 12 years. My “No Dream is Impossible” program has been apart of the N.F.H.A.: Advantage After School Program (NFHS) the past 2 years. Teaching the youth participants how to take their dreams and ideas and achieve goals and create businesses.

These are my platform topics: 1) Fiscal Accountability: The city should be governed like a business and not with a “casino and spend” mentality. 2) Economic Development: Supporting and utilizing small and area businesses to help in their growth, so they might be able to employ more area residents at a living wage. 3) Community Development, Housing Rehabilitation and Landlord training: Addressing the increase in commercial development and the older residential housing issues. Also addressing investment properties in our neighborhoods and holding investors accountable.

On October 15, 2015, I took part in a debate with four other candidates for the city council. I wanted to address some of the debate questions and give my actual responses to those questions.

1) Thoughts on New Tourism Director position presented by the N.F. Tourism Board? I was appointed to the Tourism Board 2 years ago by Councilmember Charles Walker. The position had been on the discussion table at least 2 years before I joining the board. I explained in my response, as it was explained to the board members that the position was needed to address local community events and activities, not currently being recognized. The funding source for the position was recommended to come from the Bed Tax fund.

2) How would I try to make the government more Transparent? I would host a monthly “Steak Holders” or “Coffee Hour” where I would be available to discuss citizen concerns and provide information about the city and other community and block club activities. This would be an open event for all citizens and any public official (Mayor, councilmembers, Assembly, Legislatures, Senators, etc.) to attend and share and meet with the residents. I’ll bring the donuts and you bring your favorite drink.

3) My views on the Garbage & Recycling issue? I believe the totes for the garbage is too small and the cans are the opposite size in most cities. I would propose REVERSING the totes, making the larger green tote for garbage. Other than the regular bulk garbage pickups I would propose a “Pick & Pay” system. The “Pick & Pay” system is used in a number of cities and is a low cost way for citizens to have additional bulk or large trash amounts removed for a fee, based on the amount of trash. This would be very beneficial to neighborhoods where landlords are forced to store items in their yards when a tenant moves and leaves a bunch of junk.

4) My thoughts on Parking Meters in the Tourist area? I believe that parking meters would be a good idea and source of revenue for the city. I believe that residents could be issued a resident sticker for their vehicles from city hall. This sticker would allow them to park for free in the area for a 2 hour period.  

I realized from the debate that I wasn’t the well-known or popular candidate. But, I am a candidate that has the business and real estate and construction experience and background to address the growth that is taking place in the city of Niagara Falls in those areas. I would like to be a benefit to the city and all of the residents of Niagara Falls. You might have your favorite or popular candidate. So, I am asking you to give me your 2nd vote and allow me to be an asset to the Mayor, Council and ALL of the Residents of Niagara Falls.







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