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NOV 12 - NOV 19, 2015

Bronfman, Raniere Need Investigating Themselves

Frank Parlato

NOV 12, 2015

Keith Raniere
Sara Bronfman
Clare Bronfman

Hacking into people’s emails, phone records, bank accounts, bribing Mexican judges and politicians, massive tax evasion, secreting $10 million into the US in cash from Mexico, bringing illegal aliens across the border at Niagara Falls, then imprisoning them, allegations from victims of statutory rape, at least two suicides, engaging in a classic Klein Conspiracy, with more than 60 corporate entities and scores of shifting bank accounts, paying dozens of employees’ salaries and telling them not to pay income taxes – and even a possible admission of having people killed -- all these allegations and more are on tap as we report on the instigator of the federal investigation into my affairs – the leader of a dangerous cult called NXIVM, a man named Keith Raniere and his wealthy followers, the Seagrams’ heirs, Clare and Sara Bronfman.

If all this sounds too farfetched, consider much of this has already been reported in newspapers and in court filings and much of it is far more than mere allegation.

The facts surrounding my involvement in a complex real estate deal in Los Angeles involving Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman and Raniere have been reported on in Vanity Fair, the New York Post and the Buffalo News.

A wealth of new information however has never been published - and now will be reported - the result of years-long research into this dangerous cult.

As former member Kristen Keeffe wrote, as published in the Albany Times Union, “All the worst things you know about NXIVM are true but there is so much more horrendous things going on even you will be horrified.”

Keeffe has alleged criminality including Bronfmans giving $100 million to Raniere through various shell corporations. Raniere never reported the income.

Other allegations include:

· Bronfmans took a $2 million fraudulent write off for “litigation support” which was in fact an illegal surveillance on judges involved in their many lawsuits.

· Raniere’s cult, "NXIVM," has made millions in coaching fees but never paid taxes.

· Top Bronfman/Raniere aides have not filed tax returns for years. A number of these earn six figure salaries. (We will be naming names.)   “A lot of people are on the hook and will roll,” Keeffe has said.

Other allegations made by one or more past members include: Bronfmans set up false charities and under-reported income and that they helped launder millions from Mexico into the USA.

More than a dozen carriers brought cash to Raniere and “who will roll” on Raniere and Bronfman, Keeffe has said. Raniere allegedly has hid more than $2 million in illegal cash stored in at least one basement safe in a suburb near Albany - for his escape to Mexico if authorities come after him.

He has not reported one dollar in taxes, sources say.

The Bronfmans and NXIVM have also been accused of illegal bundling for Hillary Clinton, through a Western New York political operative, something the operative says, neither he nor the candidate, Clinton, were aware of. The scheme was to give checks to individuals who in turn made contributions to Clinton.

Bronfmans may have evaded more than $35 million in unpaid taxes through deceitful “loans” to Raniere, according to statements Bronfman created for a lending institution.

NXIVM had offices on Buffalo Ave. in Niagara Falls where plans were made to launch illegal attacks on enemies.

But don’t just take our word. Google this dangerous cult and Raniere and Bronfman.

The NY Post on March 27, 2010 reported that Raniere “Blew through $100 million of (Bronfmans’) fortune.... Raniere ran out of money to fund a long-running commodities scheme and a real-estate development deal involving the mogul’s two daughters, Clare and Sara”.

In another story, “Guru: Blow off taxes” (January 31, 2011) the Post writes, “The leader of an Albany ‘cult’ financed by the Bronfman booze fortune urged followers to dodge taxes, used charity funds to score himself a pricey grand piano and dispatched top advisors to break into the homes and ‘sweep’ the bank accounts of his detractors, according to a new court filing.”

And on October 22, 2010, the Post wrote, “An accused con man who runs an upstate ‘cult’ bankrolled by the Bronfman booze fortune has ‘had people killed,’ he boasts in an explosive new video. “Keith Raniere, who runs Albany-based NXIVM, makes the chilling claim on tape to female followers who confronted him with their concerns about the group, which has been derided by detractors as a harmful ‘cult’.”

The Albany Times Union reported in its AP award winning series, “Secrets of NXIVM” that Raniere serially raped underage girls, and used the Bronfman money to pursue and hunt down enemies.

Say hello then to alleged victim, Clare Bronfman and her guru, cult leader Keith Raniere.

Starting in the next few days our publication will be adding – starting online and again next week in print - to the body of knowledge about this dangerous cult which former members call a criminal enterprise and detail their ominous Buffalo-Niagara Falls connection.

Stay tuned. Come aboard as we expose monstrous criminality - backed by enough wealth to "buy justice" and silence enemies.

The ride will be quite lively.







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