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NOV 12 - NOV 19, 2015

Kane Should Stick to Hockey in the Future

Tony Farina

NOV 12, 2015

Patrick Kane

In 591 regular season games as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, South Buffalo’s Patrick Kane has 580 points.  Kane has 114 points in 116 playoff games.  And the right winger and his Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cup championships.  It is a spectacular record on the ice but Kane has not been as successful off the ice, starting with a run in with a cabbie six years ago and the recent drama of a possible rape charge against him that only recently went away.

But now that Kane has apparently escaped a rape indictment, there are still noises coming from the father of the girl who initially accused Kane of raping her Aug. 2 at his lakefront home in Hamburg.

According to Sports Mockery, the Chicago-based website that has covered the Kane saga since the beginning, the father of the alleged victim has gone on a twitter bender, calling the district attorney a liar for saying his daughter had signed a non-prosecution affidavit, and saying it was just one of many lies in the circus-like case that ended last week when DA Frank Sedita said the alleged victim’s claims were not supported by the evidence.

But the father tweeted that the case is far from over, saying “I’m so excited about what I know will be exposed that I seriously get goosebumps.”  The father also tweeted that “when puck boy can write a $2 million check as a retainer ‘funny’ things happen.”

So the father of the 21-year-old former cheerleader who spent time with Kane at his home in the wee hours of Aug. 2 and accused him of raping her, believes his daughter was the victim of a legal conspiracy to get Kane off and says he has information that will expose the inside story.  So this “so-called case” may not be completely over, if you believe his twitter rage.  But it could also be the rants of an enraged father who can’t accept the facts in the case which apparently don’t support a charge of rape.

Kane isn’t saying anything these days, but his attorney, Paul Cambria, told the Buffalo News that Kane has learned some painful lessons from the rape case drama and predicts the young man will not put himself in such a position in the future.

We can only hope that Cambria is correct and that the young man, at age 26, has learned to stay out of trouble off the ice and not get into situations that could further damage his image which has already taken a big hit.  Kane has lost millions in endorsements and has had to endure three months of damaging stories and constant references to the possibility that he is a criminal.

None of us will ever know what happened between Kane and the young woman after he invited her to his Hamburg home after a night of partying at a downtown club.  But there’s no evidence he raped her, according to the district attorney, and the witness statements did not hold up.  Then there was the hoax perpetrated by her mother on her own lawyer, suggesting evidence in the rape kit had been compromised.  It proved not to be true.

Through it all, Kane’s defense team was restrained (except for the evidence bag hoax), but as we reported from early on in several stories, they seemed confident Kane would be exonerated in the end.

Well, the end has come, maybe, and Kane was exonerated, at least by prosecutors if not by his accuser’s father.  So Kane is back doing what he does best, scoring points for the Blackhawks.  His family and friends hope the young man stays focused on hockey and out of environments that could cause him trouble, especially given his fame and notoriety.

Those who know Patrick Kane have supported him throughout the rape case, and so have his teammates on the Blackhawks.  It is time for him to work hard at rehabilitating his image and stay out of trouble off the ice.  Kane is a terrific hockey player, putting together a sure Hall of Fame career and scoring just about a point a game whether during the regular season or the playoffs.  We wish him the best and we also hope the young woman who accused him will move on, accepting the fact her story didn’t hope up.  We hope her father does the same.






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