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NOV 12 - NOV 19, 2015

Environmentalists, The EPA; The Good, The Bad and the Evil

By J. Gary DiLaura

NOV 12, 2015

There was a time when there was a need for left wing, red, commie, pinko, tree hugging, environmentalists! Some might say that when I established the FBI’s Environmental Crimes Program for the Western District of New York and executed search warrants on places like the West Valley Dept Of Defense (DOD) project, Frontier Chemical in Niagara Falls and others, I was one of them! Can you believe that?

In the 1960s and 1970s, people woke up to the dirty air (smog), dirty water (dilution is the solution to pollution), dirty roadways (NO LITTERING) and the EPA evolved in 1970, largely due to Environmentalists! Hard to believe I’m saying that but, as you know, I am a truth teller, like it or not.

As a result of public awareness the EPA “BIG 8” Laws were signed, the most famous of which are the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. A major change evolved as a result and although it cost us billions, it was worth it to clean things up. That’s the Good!

Things then got out of hand as some politicians and environmentalists saw a way to drive forth personal agendas and some unscrupulous politicians, like Al Gore, found a way to “use” scare tactics to advance their political careers and make a ton of money! Gore took what his college science professor said (Gore got a D in the class) about smog being caused by fossil fuels and twisted it to say carbon dioxide, by manmade sources, is causing global warming and the arctic ice cap and glaciers will be gone by 2015!  Well, are the ice caps gone? We, you and me, have nothing to do with climate change, none! Sure we may be able to cause some smog in LA but it’s a freaking big leap from SMOG to GLOBAL WARMING! That’s Evil !

In 2008, then 2 year Senator, Barack Obama said if elected President, “I will bankrupt every Clean Coal power plant in the US”. This must have been based upon his vast knowledge in scientific matters learned from 2 years as a no show senator who voted “present” on all important matters, along with those scientific demanding, years as a “Community Organizer”, in Chicago.  We all know how much valuable, environmental experience he must have gained while studying greenhouse gasses given off by Chicago politicians! And then there are those valuable years of study under former FBI top 10 fugitive, murderer, bomber, Weatherman radical and top Obama confidant, William Ayers. That all gave Obama the experience he needed to declare “Global Warming” our # 1 problem. True EVIL at its best!

Things snow balled as environmentalists used Spotted Owls, to put lumber mills out of business; Smelt, to put farmers out of business and on and on and before you know it, millions of jobs are lost! When the Democrat House and Senate wouldn’t approve the Democrat President’s Cap and Trade Bill, that’s when Obama discovered his “phone and pen” and started using executive orders with the EPA, to legislate by regulation, and put power plants out of business! This was long after lead based paint was banned (a Good) and illegal disposal of solvents was banned (another Good). But all the environmental stuff costs billions of dollars, especially when our “elected officials” forgot about checks and balances” and didn’t take into consideration anything about lost manufacturing jobs. Jobs that were lost to China, Mexico and others who still use child labor, have NO environmental laws, use lead paint and dump solvents on the ground!

So WE support THEIR pollution by buying low cost products at Walmart, thereby putting OUR manufacturers and fathers and sons and uncles, out of work!  More Evil!

In case we forgot, Cap and Trade is a permit to pollute! For example, if you burn wood for heat, EPA  ( DEC) says you can’t because it puts  CO2 in the air and that will melt the ice caps… unless you PAY …say $500 to burn 5 cord. Then it’s okay and screw the ice caps! That’s Cap and Trade!!! Pure Evil!

It wasn’t necessary, though. All our “checks and balances” people had to do is CHECK AND FREAKING BALANCE! After all, they have the God given power of the purse (The Constitution)!

What power, you say? Congress could ground Air Force One, stop Michelle from living large, stop the paychecks of ANY unvetted Muslim, White House staffer, even defund the EPA and there’s NOTHING the President can do about it!!!.That’s why they finally got rid of Boehner, I hope.

The EPA now is doing more harm than good. There has been no use for the EPA for years (except to Obama as his personal legislative branch). You have absolutely NO idea how much harm the EPA had done and is doing to your country! There is no reason why the State environmental agencies can’t enforce the Federal Laws, in fact, NY State does. There is no EPA presence in NY! The DEC has been the “EPA” for years. Remember, I was on the “inside” for years and there is no EPA presence in New York State!

That’s the BAD! EPA has gone from the GOOD to the very, very BAD!!!

What good does it do to have the cleanest air and water, if we don’t have a country to enjoy them?

America; created by geniuses and run by idiots!






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