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FEB 24 - MAR 03, 2015

Skrlin Releases Another Cartoon Masterpiece

February 24, 2015

The political primary cycle is euphemistically known as the "silly season" in that it ushers in hypocritical and all around foolish behavior not normally seen in any other aspect of American life. This Gerald Skrlin creation takes the notion of silly season and political primary activity and moves it from the mere foolish to the completely absurd as Niagara Falls Mayor Dyster rides backwards into the Democratic Primary upon the Democratic Party jackass mascot.

Skrlin's work poses the question: Who is the real jackass, the party mascot or the mayor himself who has presided over a seven year reign of error with taxpayer cash being figuratively, if not literally, evacuated from the donkey's posterior.

This masterful cartoon bristles with both political insight and wonderfully crafted humor at the expense of the American political experience.

If one peers into the work while relaxing the right side of their brain one can almost hear the crack of the starter's gun as the 2015 Democratic Party primary is begun.

Winston Pedigrew

Art Critic





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