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FEB 24 - MAR 03, 2015

Lewiston Man, Son of Former Supervisor, Arrested

February 24, 2015

Andrew J. Reiter had a bad day

ALBION – The son of former Town of Lewiston Supervisor Steven L. Reiter -- 31- year-old Andrew J. Reiter, was arrested Feb 16 by State Police in Albion for an assortment of charges related to a motor vehicle accident.

He allegedly caused a two-car crash at Route 104 and Center Road in the Town of Murray.

Andrew J. Reiter, who lost his license, according to an informed source, from a drunk driving charge, was driving his 2013 Chrysler, albeit illegally, eastbound on Route 104, and was allegedly tailgating a 1999 gray Chrysler Sebring - being driven and belonging to a one Christos A. Tonas, 24, of Kendall.

Tonas, not knowing Reiter, or the fact that he was unlicensed, slowed down, as one would, naturally, to turn on Center Road. Reiter slammed his brakes and skidded in the snow and ice-covered roadway, veering into the westbound lane of traffic and striking the gray Sebring belonging to Tona.

Neither driver was injured.

When troopers arrived on the scene, they discovered Reiter was unlicensed.

They also noted that while he was uninjured by the crash, Reiter nevertheless appeared to have gross motor impairment, lack of physical control, blurred vision, a major loss of balance, filled with anxiety, restless and his judgment and perception seemed severely impaired.

In short he appeared drunk.

A test showed he had a 0.13% Blood alcohol count.

The troopers consequently manacled Reiter, and chauffeured him in the backseat of their comfortable patrol car, to SP Albion for processing where he was issued citations for aggravated unlicensed operating of a motor vehicle, a class E felony, driving while intoxicated, being an unlicensed driver and following too close to another vehicle.

He was order to appear March 5 in Murray Town Court where he will undoubtedly appear sober.





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