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FEB 10 - FEB 17, 2015

Ceretto Backs Niagara University's Bid to Join Start-Up NY Program

By Tony Farina

February 10, 2015

Assemblyman John Ceretto (above left) is seeking help from Gov. Andrew Cuomo (above right) to establish Niagara University (bottom of page) as a partner in Start-Up NY. This would permit the university to offer building space and developable land to start up businesses that would qualify for tax free status by launching their start up on campus.

Lewiston Assemblyman John Ceretto has lined up in support of Niagara University's bid for designation as a partner in the Start-Up NY program that would provide space on campus as tax free zones for businesses that relocate from other states.

"Bringing the benefits Start-Up NY's tax free zones to Niagara University would be great news for the school and the community," Ceretto said in a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "It would create jobs for hard working Western New Yorkers and improve our local economy."

Ceretto, himself a Niagara alumnus, said he voted for Start-Up NY "because of the benefits it can bring Niagara Falls and Western New York. Niagara University has my full support for this application and I look forward to seeing new businesses flourish as a result of this program."

Under the university's application submitted to the state, 9,409 square feet in DePaul Hall and 15,000 square feet of development-ready land on the southeastern quadrant of campus would be available as tax free zones for businesses that choose to relocate on the school property.

In his letter to Cuomo, Ceretto said if the application is approved, "the school is sure to pick the best possible businesses to partner with to help create jobs and advance the university's academic mission. It would be a win-win-win for Niagara University, the city of Niagara Falls, and the state of New York."

While Ceretto is a Republican, he has constantly been in Cuomo's ear on the need to continue the development efforts in Western New York launched under the Buffalo Billion program, especially when it comes to Niagara Falls.






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