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FEB 03 - FEB 10, 2015

GOP Must Unite Behind One Presidential Team to Undo Obama’s Anti-Americanism

By J. Gary DiLaura

February 03, 2015

Restore America 2016.

Mitt Romney just showed the American people what a true patriot he is. He just set aside his presidential ambitions for love of his country! He knows that another run for president by him could split the voters and reduce the Republicans chance to put some sanity back into the White House. He understands how absolutely critical it is to rid the White House of the current “administration” and it is almost too late. The American people have spoken LOUDLY! They want their country back, so does Mr. Romney, God bless him.

If the Republican party can smarten up, put personal ambition aside, and listen to the Americans who just put them in control we can Restore America.

The American people want a” team” led by an executive, with proven executive experience, someone who is truly a patriot, tough when necessary and most of all who will protect, preserve and DEFEND our constitution. Some of the candidates who have presidential aspirations must know they have little chance of winning.

There can only be one leader, and most are too young or lack the type of experience that a man like Mike Huckabee, for example, has. Follow Mr. Romney’s lead and be a Patriot, restore America! Don’t stand on the railroad tracks arguing who should drive the bus off the tracks as the train ( Islam ) is coming and it just sped up!

The Republicans must NOT put forth 10 candidates and let them beat each other up on national television and then have one moron split off because he’s pissed and is going to run as an ”independent”. They must swallow their ego and put their country FIRST as Mr. Romney did.

Propose a president AND vice president “team” from the beginning with a suggested pool of staff and department heads from which they will draw and tell the American people who they are!

First of all, ask Mr. Romney to take over as Chairman of the Republican party to put it all together. Unify the party at least through the 2016 election. We need him, his organizational skills, his leadership, ideas, ability to get people to work together and I am certain he would do it for the sake of our country!

I would pick Gov Mike Huckabee and Mark Rubio as the president and vice president “team”. There may be other people who are also qualified but what good is that if they are not electable? These two as a team, in my opinion, present the most electable “team”. I would tell the American people that we will look to their most qualified and favorite Republicans for department heads and White House staff and ASK the public for their input. Include people such as Rudy Guiliani, Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Chris Christie , former ambassador to the UN John Bolton. I would make certain that prospective candidates like Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz are on the list and yes Newt Gingrich for Secretary of State.

Look at what you have now, John Kerry, and what he replaced (” What difference does it make?” ) . Do you think Newt would have stood by while our ambassador and his staff were murdered by Muslims?

Sure Gingrich and some others may have some baggage but look at the outright crap that is/was guiding Obama. People like Bill Ayers, Al Sharpton, Van Jones, Tim Geithner Eric Holder.

Gingrich is a brilliant man, patriot, and Republican with vast experience and expertise. Don’t waste it!

The Republican Party must put forth a platform that is exactly what the American people want and the country needs. That is energy independence, a strong military and economic prosperity with a reduced government size, and to hell with “political correctness”, it’s going to get us killed.

Build new nuclear, natural gas, and clean coal power plants using made in America products and US citizens only with interest bearing loans from the federal government to be repaid when the completed plants are sold to private, taxpaying utility companies. Modernize and bury our national grid system making it attack proof, again using American materials and citizens only with interest baring loans from the government. Utilize all our natural resources fully.

Close the EPA period! It is a useless agency that is doing more harm than good. It was a good and useful agency from its inception until the late 1980s . Every state in the Union is fully capable and does take care of its’ own environmental work.

Change the tax code and laws! A flat tax is better than what we have and either do away with the IRS completely or take away all enforcement power, reduce its size and make it an auditing agency only, with no law enforcement power.

Close the ATF as a federal firearms law enforcement agency. It is a duplication of the FBI’s federal firearms law enforcement duties as well as all of the states. Any state in the US can enforce laws that duplicate the National Firearms Act. Keep and expand the EOD end of ATF ( bomb/explosives) responsibility with a new ATF but put ex military EOD experts to work all over the country and overseas as needed and pay them for the risk and their skill not on a GS schedule.

Lastly I’ll leave my readers with a quote from Sir Winston Churchill in 1899 "Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world."





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