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FEB 03 - FEB 10, 2015

Pit Bull and City Hall Jokes!

February 03, 2015

Pit bulls have something most of their owners’ lack: teeth.


It’s hard to tell which is nastier the pit bull or the owner.

A pit bull’s favorite bone is in the nearest human arm”.


“Pit bulls are violent, anti social and without talent.” Danny the golden retriever

Pit bulls are to canines as Isis is to religion.


A pit bull walks into a bar and the bartender says, “What’ll it be?” The pit bull says “A large bowl of water and make it fast or I’ll bite your face off!”

Headlines you will never see:

“Cops shoot wiener dog after lunging at officers”

“Poodle goes wild, kills owner”

“Police break up collie dog fighting ring”

“Family beagle bites owner’s arm off”

“Chihuahua attacks and kills three pit bulls”

The city’s financial review panel members won’t be allowed to see the city’s confidential budget information…that’s like having a doctor that can’t touch the patient.

When asked why he won’t drop his obsession with limiting speaker time at council meetings Andrew Touma said, “All the city’s real problems are too hard to fix and this one makes it look like the council is doing something.”

The council majority is going to be honored by the First Amendment Society “for all they have done to put a spotlight on the subject of free speech through their ham-handed misreading of the Bill of Rights.”

The mayor just appropriated $820,000 of casino revenue for his NFC business loan and grant program. We understand he plans to “rebirth” Main Street with the money just as he “re-birthed” Third Street with NFC money.

Please make up your mind! All this talk of changing the speaker time at the council meeting has the speakers in an uproar as they edit and re-edit their remarks from 5 minutes to 3 three minutes to 4 minutes.

Colored glass is suddenly no longer acceptable for recycling in Niagara Falls. The Dyster administration trash plan has more moving parts than an antique Swiss watch and is every bit unpredictable as a pit bull.

The new trash rules say you can put a blue lid on your green tote with special permission. You cannot however put a green lid on your blue tote, at least not yet. And you will never be allowed to put a yellow lid on your orange tote because that’s a “color clash violation.”





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Pit Bull and City Hall Jokes!

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