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FEB 03 - FEB 10, 2015

Nasty Pit Bull Owners Don't Help Their Cause

February 03, 2015

Last week the Reporter published an article, "Pit Bulls, Bred to be Aggressive Like Many of Their Owners".

The pit bull zealots went right off their leashes.

The Reporter got a spate of nasty letters.

We tried to make it clear that not all pit bulls are aggressive and dangerous. We are certain that some pit bull owners would not have bitten us if we were in the same room.

The angry outpouring of letters however shows that dogs and their masters are sometimes eerily similar.

Here are a few comments from dozens of nasty letters we got:

"Jonathan A. Macready's parents should be ashamed they did such a poor job educating their little brat."

"I hope you lose many readers"

"You (sh)ould be shut down, or better still, be charged for reporting so many inaccuracies!"

"Tell your reporter Jonathan Mcready … he's an idiot!!"

"HOW DARE YOU publish such TRASH!!! Pit bulls are NOT aggressive in any way!... You're a f--king DISGRACE!!!"

"What planet is this idiot from? I guarantee my pit bull is smarter and much more loving than this reporter!"

"I hope you get a full email inbox of people outraged by this article because I am going to be sharing this article across all social ready."

"The writer of the article about Pitbulls should get fired."

"I'm …probably a better person than the moron who thinks he is doing a great journalism talking about pit bulls and they've owners!!!... Fire this guy."

"You are an ignorant mother f--ker."

"The editor should be ashamed to allow an article to be published. Your newspaper will be boycotted."





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