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DEC 10 - DEC 17, 2015

Officers- Arm Yourself; Congress-Declare War On ISLAM! LET GOD SORT THEM OUT

By J. Gary DiLaura

DEC 10, 2015

If you are a retired lawman, you probably did as I did and stopped carrying when you retired. Many of the guys I know and shoot with also stopped carrying but started again a few years ago; a little after Obama was elected and demonstrated that his interests didn’t include protecting us!

If you are a retired lawman, as much as you hate to do it, start carrying again and carry “heavy” as well! Don’t just carry a 5-shot like we USED to do off duty, carry as if you are working because you may well find yourself in a situation that you never saw on the job! A good choice is the newer compact 8-10 shot 9mm autos. Many are available like Glock, Sig… S&W has the M&P 8 shot, about $400.

According to relatively new ATF rulings, even if you have an HR218 Federal Certification you must comply with NY State capacity laws but not bullet types, the way I read the law. Read it yourself. The original Federal law does not limit the number of rounds but New York State law does and good old ATF is under Obama's thumb and issued a position on capacity to conform to State law?! If you have to engage a Muslim trying to kill you and others at a show I don’t think you’ll have a problem. But if you are in New York State where the governor only worries about himself and doesn’t care about you and me, as long as HIS security detail carries 30 round MP5 full autos ...if you carry more than NY law allows you may run into a conflict so carry an extra magazine?! Get 9mm and not 40cal. There are good reasons why but there’s not enough room to explain however suffice it to say that the Navy Seals have gone BACK to 9mm!

If you didn’t get your HR218 Certification, call your old Department and ask them where you can get it!

If you are a law abiding citizen, have training and a conceal carry permit, then carry. Don't carry a 22 cal or 25 cal or some dumb derringer... nothing smaller than 38/9 mm!. Either go big or leave it home!

Our Country is at war with Islam right now! They are attacking Christians and other infidels all over the world and here in the US. About 63% of the Country realizes it, which is mostly Republicans some Liberals and Muslims. I 'm not saying that most Muslims are at war with us but “most” do recognize that an extremely large faction of their ideology wants to kill us and THEM as they too are Infidels but they, themselves, are too afraid to speak out! It is that bad and to date, neither the President nor Congress is making the moves they need to take to “Preserve, Protect, and Defend” the Constitution and us!

Congress MUST declare war on some form of Islam and do it NOW. Call it Radical Islam, Traditional Islam, ISIS, or just the truth…ISLAM but for Christ’s sake do it and do it NOW! Our Muslim President will refuse to enforce the Act Of War and an Impeachment will be easy! Joe Biden may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he IS a Patriot and WILL enforce a Congressional Declaration of War, Article 1 Section 8!

Since there is no way on Earth to tell which Muslims are trying to kill us, we’ll have to let the Military and their intelligence base figure it out as they did in WW2, Korea and Nam. They can and will do it, just let them do their jobs and PROTECT US and let God sort out our mistakes! If Congress doesn’t act our Country will be overrun with Muslims who want to kill you, your children, your grandchildren and nothing matters to them, EXCEPT Allah. Call your Congressman and Senator now!  Higgins, Schumer… are you awake? you listening? Those Infidels that are on YouTube being pushed into trenches, shot and beheaded, were Infidels, just like you are! Those videos were REAL, not photo shopped. Anyone who tells you they’re fake is a moron who believes chickens have lips!

Without a doubt a number of left wing, red, commie, pinko, “Debbie Wassermann Schultz”, psycho types will say “Oh not true, these are all workplace violence and all we need to do is make AK47 full autos and IEDs illegal”… and chickens have lips, right Debbie?!

Folks, just look at this list put together by “”, and realize there are many, many more;

Add to that the San Bernardino, California massacre on November 2, 2015! And the next one… coming to a neighborhood near you?!

If you don’t see a relationship then you may as well keep your head in the dark place you have it stuck as there are no facts that you will believe until you feel how hot a bullet is when it pierces your back or watch life drift out of a loved one’s eyes as she dies in your arms just as those poor souls just did in California!

If you think I am trying to scare you, you’re damn right! Wake up!!!






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