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DEC 10 - DEC 17, 2015

Governor Announces Brownfield Grants in Niagara Falls and Lockport

DEC 10, 2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the designation of 11 new Brownfield Opportunity Areas in New York State by the Secretary of State, including one in the City of Niagara and one in the City of Lockport.

They are:

Highland Community BOA, City of Niagara Falls, Niagara County – This consists of a 560-acre area characterized by at least 15 potential brownfield sites concentrated in the Highland community, an area with a mix of residential and historically industrial land uses. The primary community revitalization objectives include redevelopment in a manner that takes advantage of the proximity to major roadways, railroads, and a nearby airport; and enhancement of the area for residents and businesses. A $375,000 BOA Program grant financed planning activities.

City of Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster said, "Thank you Governor Cuomo and the New York State Department of State for the resources to complete the Highland Community BOA in Niagara Falls, This successful planning project has provided the City with a blueprint for the successful redevelopment of key sites within the BOA, and an official designation will help the city realize its goals."

Lockport BOA, City of Lockport, Niagara County – This consists of a 490-acre area in the heart of the City of Lockport that is characterized by 52 potential brownfield sites located along the Erie Canal and surrounding neighborhoods, including the downtown central business district. The primary community revitalization objectives include: eliminating environmental contamination and blight associated with these brownfield sites; fostering economic growth in terms of new business, jobs, and an expanded tax base; and, enhancing tourism opportunities associated with the Erie Canal. A $370,800 BOA Program grant financed planning activities.

City of Lockport Mayor Anne E. McCaffrey said, "I would like to thank Governor Cuomo and Secretary Perales for the designation of our BOA. We are very happy to have worked with the New York Department of State on this project, and we look forward to continuing our relationship as the City implements the BOA and continues the successful redevelopment of key sites in the city of Lockport."







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