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DEC 10 - DEC 17, 2015

City Hall Jokes

DEC 10, 2015

Tired of being criticized for paying his favorite employees high salaries, inexplicable stipends and needless overtime, Mayor Dyster announced his new "reimbursement justification equation." His Honor said he's going to begin paying his top administrators "by the pound." This will give new meaning to the term, "city hall fat cats."
Mayor Dyster didn't kill a deer two weeks ago when he left town to go hunting, but he did manage to conveniently "miss" a city hall finance meeting that went off with a bang as those in attendance shot it out big time
One wonders how Mayor Dyster was unable to make Santa Claus appear a single time for the Holly Trolly yet he was able to make $90 million casino revenue dollars disappear one dollar at a time with no difficulty at all.
City hall dictionary: 72nd Street water line remediation - a $1,000,000 project to fix a frozen water line that all the political hot air in city hall has been unable to thaw for the past two.
This isn't funny. The 2016 "adopted city budget" popped up on the city website some days ago. While no one recalls the budget being passed it appears to have been passed. And this in spite of the fact that the passage occurred before the finance panel weighed in with their recommendations for the 2016 spending plan.
Paul Dyster's favorite song, "The man in the mirror" by Michael Jackson City Council's favorite song, "Dancing in the dark" by Bruce Springsteen The Finance Advisory Panel's favorite song, "What's going on?" by Marvin Gaye
Complete this sentence: The mayor will break ground on the Hamister project when __________ . a) pigs fly b) hell freezes over c) the city budget is balanced d) all of the above







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City Hall Jokes
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